Hip replacement
Hip replacement surgery becomes inevitable when the severity of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis has resulted in the complete wear out of hip joints or other disorders such as hip dysplasis and avascular mecrosis. Likened to knee replacement surgery, our master specialists of The Knees Klinik Hospital put an embed at the fitting area of the hip to take life back to commonality and upgrade the usefulness of hip point.
Hip replacement is also known for “Arthroplasty”.
 Arthroplasty is a reconstructive surgery to restore the joint motion and function and to relieve pain. It generally involves the replacement of bony joint structure by a prosthesis.
 It is the most common orthopaedic surgery.
 Hip replacement surgery can be performed:-
 Total replacement :- It consist of replacing both the acetabulum and the femoral head.
 Half (hemi) replacement :- It consist of replacing of only femoral head in general.

Principle & Considerations
 The prosthetic implant must be durable.
 They must permit extraordinary low-friction movement at the articulation.
 They must be firmly fixed to the skeleton.
 They must be inert and not provoke any unwanted reaction in the tissue. The prostheses are of various designs and may be fixed to the remaining bone by cement, press fit, or bone in growth.
 Selection of the prosthesis and fixation technique depends on patient’s bone structure, joint stability, and other individual characteristics, including age, weight, and activity level.
 Arthroplasty is an exacting and meticulous procedure. To reduce the risk of an infected prosthesis, special precautions are carried out in OT room to reduce particulate matter and bacterial count of the air.
 For patients with unremitting pain and irreversibly damaged joints:-
 Severe osteoarthritis
 Rheumatoid arthritis
 Selected fracture (femoral neck fracture).
 Failure of previous reconstructive surgery ( Osteotomy, cup Arthroplasty, femoral neck fracture complication – non union, avascular necrosis)
 Congenital hip diseases.
 Pathologic fractures from metastatic cancer.
 Joint instability.
Total hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which hip joint is replaced by prosthetic implant. The Knee Klinik Hospital performs hip joint replacement surgery. The Knee Klinik is the best orthopedic hospital for all types of knee and hip replacement surgeries. Dr. Anshu Sachdev is the leading knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder & elbow replacement surgeon in Pune.
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