The Internet is jam-packed with dangerous, highly visible HIPAA violations by Covered Entities on websites, social media pages and patient review sites.

The violations are dangerous and unnecessary. HIPAA spells out simple safeguards to protect Covered Entities that are easy to apply. But obvious violations in plain sight prove countless Covered Entities are at risk because they don't know or don't follow key HIPAA Rules. Bad advice from marketing consultants and the work of web site builders that have no HIPAA liability make the problem worse for Covered Entities. You will see the common HIPAA violations that populate Web Sites, Social Media and Patient Review sites across the Internet and find out if your organization is committing one or more of them. You will also see the easy-to-follow HIPAA Rules to safeguard your organization and use Internet-based patient engagement tools without risking HIPAA violations and OCR enforcement.
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