Although the majority of lofts can be transformed without any problem at all, not all can; just because a home has a roof or empty space, this does not automatically mean that the space is able to be renovated in to an extra room, for instance if it's mass is not of the correct height to accommodate you, there is absolutely no point in spending the time and money on such a project. With the assistance of an expert conversion specialist you will be able to find out how to make the most of the empty space you have in your home and exactly which types of conversion the space will accommodate, whether it is of a large or small area. You can then go on to design your soon to be new living space to advantage your needs to its full potential. Choose a conversion that will work to accommodate in favour of both you and the unused space by taking heed of the expert advice received from a specialist. It really wouldn't be the brightest of ideas to attempt a loft conversion by yourself and neither is using a builder who has only done the odd job here and there. If you want the conversion doing properly and to a very high standard, a time served contractor is absolutely necessary. This way you can feel assured that your home is in good hands and the job will be completed in an efficient manner.

The most common style of attic rooms you may be able to choose from, all depending on the space available, is the roof-light, the dormer, the en-suite and the mansard. Just imagine not only having that extra floor added to your home, but also a conveniently placed en-suite bathroom, being a great advantage for those members of the household who desire some time to themselves away from the distractions of everyday life. This space could have the potential to become anything from a guest room to office area or even the most fantastic playroom for the children.

A professional has the ability to create a stunning room with a loft conversion and will also be able to provide you information regarding whether the area would accommodate a bathroom or even a couple of windows. This will mean that you will be able to design an attic of great beauty in the knowledge that it will be of maximum convenience for whatever purpose it is destined for, making it unique and personal to you. If you don't use a professional then it is more than likely that you will miss these extras that will make your room more functional as well as more comfortable.

If you are looking to convert your loft into convenient living space it is not as stressful or chaotic as you may initially think. At County Lofts they access the space through the outside of the property which ensures a minimum in the way of disruption to your everyday life. They can give you expert advice on the most efficient and effective way to go about it with the thought of your personal needs in mind; and are a well reputed family company offering only the superior of services out there, so you can be sure that your property is in good hands. So to receive the best quality in service at a reasonable price County Lofts are available to help in and around the areas of Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and London. For your quote on this type of conversion do not hesitate to contact the friendly and professional team, you can also view some of their previous work in their portfolio at

County Lofts are a well established company who offer some of the best loft conversions Barnet and the surrounding areas have seen.

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