Outsource Perl development and programming to a remote, dedicated employee who works full-time for you or your organization.

The role of Perl developer or programmer is filled with a number of challenging responsibilities and activities. A Perl programmer needs to be well-versed with high level OO Perl Development techniques on UNIX platforms within an Agile environment. In addition, a Perl developer is also expected to have particular knowledge of Linux, Apache, MySQL or other widely used SQL database products; demonstrate understanding of emerging LAMP technologies and have some level of experience in an Agile Development environment.

Hiring a freelancer for such a specialized IT function can be fraught with pitfalls – most of them unseen and unanticipated. The best option is to do some internet research and partner with a reliable outsourcing vendor who is capable of providing you with a dedicated human resource – your very own remote

What are the benefits of outsourcing to a full-time dedicated employee who works remotely for you? Several.

1. A full-time employee is a definite advantage over a mere freelancer who is able to part with only a few of his total work hours for you, handling as he does several clients and their assignments. So, your project gets less than the attention you would prefer. A full-time virtual employee is your very own dedicated resource, just like any other locally hired worker.

2. A remote employee works out of the well-equipped office of the outsourcing vendor, which means that all the latest hardware and software required for Perl development and programming are easily available. A freelancer working from home, usually with limited resources, cannot hope to match such technological prowess.

3. A dedicated remote employee is someone you have selected after a rigorous screening process. Compare this to a freelancer who is usually picked up on the basis of their bids rather than any specific qualifications. So, with a remote Visual Basic programmer, you know who you are working with.

4. It is far easier to manage, control and collaborate with a full-time remote employee than it is a freelancer. This is because the vendor's office functions like an offshore extension of your own office, furnished with all the modern means of communication that make it easier for you to interact with your remote employee even several times a day, if need be.

5. Your remote employee is ensured of a 24x7 HR support and IT back up in case of technical glitches, thereby not letting your work get hampered or unnecessarily delayed. A freelancer is always at the mercy of power outages and internet failures and can unwittingly be the reason for work getting horribly delayed or stalled.

6. Data security is never a threat with your virtual employee because the vendor's office has superior software securing technology besides making the employee sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at the time of joining.

So, hire a full-time Perl developer to work remotely for you in a dedicated manner.

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