Nowadays, the natural stone effect forms the glory of many mansions and houses. People look forward to bring back that old times royal and rustic look in front of their eyes by using stonework on their walls, gardens, flowerbeds and fireplaces. These stones are not only useful from the decoration point of view but they also provide strength to the structure. This owes to the strong and durable nature of these natural stones that also keep them intact in bad weather conditions and rough use. Creating structures from different types and categories of stones is not as simple as it sounds. It requires the help and knowledge of a stonemason for the purpose.

A stonemason is basically the professional that has knowledge and art in using different categories of stones for different purposes and structures as not every stone can be used for any structure. For example, a stone material that is not fireproof and might get damaged in contact of heat should not be used in kitchen or around fireplaces. Similarly, an area of the house that remains under frequent use like stonewalls or pathways should not be decorated with a stone, which is not very durable or strong.

Not only is the selection of stone a difficult and professional task but their cutting and designing is even more complex. There is a category of stones, which cannot be cut into pieces due to their soft surface. On the other hand, some stones stand absolutely perfect for some areas and purposes. All this knowledge is extremely technical and can be possessed only by a professional and experienced stonemason. Stonemasons also carry creative knowledge as their job responsibility also includes the decoration of a particular area as per correct design themes and color combinations.

One of the most popular areas of a house where stonework is frequently used is the garden. Stone and garden are the perfect companions as stones provide the absolute natural look that complements the natural beauty and atmosphere of a garden. In a garden, stonework can be used for creating flowerbeds, stone fences, landscapes, fountains and much more. When all these elements are created together with stones, they provide the look of an authentic stone garden. Different segments of a garden can also be differentiated by the careful use of dry and wet stones. To make the most suitable choice, a professional stonemason can definitely be consulted.

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