While most organized brides are preparing for their big day far ahead in advance, many brides scramble only months before their wedding day trying to get things all together. The last minute rush usually leaves them with a small selection of vendors to select from as typically the good vendors are already booked up. Always remember that banquet halls, wedding photographers, deejays, and live musicians can only do one event per day. What this means is that if you want to get the vendors that you would like, you absolutely must secure a booking with them well ahead of your wedding day.

This is crucially important when it comes to securing a professional wedding photographer. Of course, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of photographers in any big city; however the range between 'great' and 'not so great' professional wedding photographers is quite substantial, but also somewhat easy to notice.

The higher quality wedding photographers generally book only one wedding per calendar date. They make this commitment because as they are dedicated to their clientele. Essentially, couples hire them because they like the photographer and the photographers work. There are many photo studios that make their focus quantity and not quality, and they take on as many weddings as possible, often times charging cheaper lower rates, and then later freelance other photographers to do the work. This results in poor quality wedding pictures without true passion. Their freelance wedding photographers usually have full time jobs and are only part time weekend shooters with not enough experience and skill required to create timeless, artistic pieces. They are also known as 'weekend warriors'.

Think of this; after your wedding day, you will be left with only the photographs taken so it's most sensible to book a photographer that you really like. This person should be a professional wedding photographer whose work you like a lot and their personality vibes with yours.

Be sure to budget enough for photography! This will be your most important investment. Remember that you get what you pay for and never more. Great wedding photographers get booked way in advance, sometimes even many years in advance. You should budget at least $3000-$4000 to get quality wedding photography coverage. I highly suggest seeking out and booking your photographer at least 1-2 years in advance of your wedding. This is sort of a guarantee that you will find someone you will want to capture your big day. When you do find someone whose work you love and you feel that you would be happy to have this person at your wedding, don't wait to secure the booking because each day that goes by means a bigger chance that the photographer might get booked by someone else.

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Mark Ruffalo is a professional blogger from Toronto Canada. He is a specialist in the wedding photography. With over 15 years of experience, he writes articles for several publications and magazines to support passionate and talented vendors and artists. http://www.mavphoto.com