Corporate innovation is defined as the process of businesses implementing new opportunities of innovation into their existing business models. Established companies usually have a dedicated team to fuel their innovation efforts. Corporate innovation plays a major role in advancing existing business model which is the basis of growth and progress. So, how to create such a team from scratch? Psychometric testing is the first step in the direction.

What is psychometric testing?

Online psychometric test is a kind ofpre-employment test that is one of the reliable and effective methods of hiring the best people for a company. It helps estimate long-term job performance by assessing the candidate’s intelligence, skills and personality. The tests look for job-fitness as well as culture-fitness in the candidates. Job-fitness ensures the likelihood of the candidate succeeding in the position they are hired for while culture-fitness raises the probability of the person adapting to the work culture of the organisation.

Innovation is the key to success and growth of any company, but unfortunately there is no blueprint for the same. But if companies invest in creating the right conditions and frameworks, innovation is bound to fall in place fuelling the drive to success. Employees are the sole basis of innovation and psychometric tests can help find the motivation factors and personality traits of candidates that make innovations possible.

Why psychometric testing?

The psychometric test allows recruiters to dig deeper into the personality traits of a candidate to assess and discover facets that are almost impossible to find out using traditional recruitment methods. A psychometric test consists of tests of ability and personality. The former predicts the aptitude and measures the skill set of a candidate to perform the job while the latter tests the traits and characteristics to predict the happiness and motivation to succeed in the role.

Future hiring

There is another perspective to the whole scenario which is for the organisations to prepare themselves for the future of hiring. Past and current hiring is more often than not based on competencies and past results. In contrast the future is set to move towards potential which could be to learn, grow or to quickly adapt to change. Psychometric tests are the sure shot method suited for the future of hiring.

Predicting future leaders

Future leaders are those who are strong in the technical and product knowledge while also being mindful of people and other resources that add value to the process. In other words, they need to be enthusiastic and empathetic to collaborate across disciplines in addition to being able to contribute towards the innovative process.

Creating communities and building platforms

There is strength in numbers and the coming together of like-minded people is a powerful force that can fuel innovation unlike anything. Creating a platform to bring together like-minded people can accelerate any company towards success. Psychometric tests can help identify that like mindedness.

Team spirit

Teamwork demands the members to be able to cooperate and communicate while being able to manage conflicts amicably and effectively. A psychometric test can accurately predict these essential skills of being able to work in teams, which is the basis of success at workplace.


All said and done, for any pre-employment test to be able to successfully deliver the desired results, it should be scientifically valid and be able to accurately measure what it sets out to assess. So, the most important step recruiters and employers must undertake is to create an outline of their expectations from the whole recruitment process. They must then validate the requirements and go for a psychometric test that matches their requirements.

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