One of the fastest growing career fields is business coaching. Why do so many people want to hire a business coach? The top 3 reasons are motivation, inspiration, and the accountability.

When you are an entrepreneur you tend to work by yourself and that's not always in your best interest. For one thing, you have to constantly motivate yourself. If you enjoy your work that usually isn't a problem but sometimes it can be an issue and just having someone to give you some direction and encouragement helps keep you going. A coach has the skill to determine what motivates you and give you what you need to motivate yourself.

If you own your own business, you probably get a lot of creative ideas for it. Maybe you write articles, or sales copy for your products or do the graphics for it. But sometimes you need inspiration. Working alone can also tend to strain your brain-power. Having someone like a coach to bounce ideas off of, or to provide another viewpoint can be much more productive in the long run. And a coach knows how to inspire into action. Then you don't always have to rely on yourself for inspiration.

Another area of concern to entrepreneurs is accountability. You may be able handle the day-to-day affairs of the business, but in order to make time for the long-term projects that will accelerate your company's growth, it helpful to have someone to whom you can be accountable. It's not like reporting to a boss or anything like that. It's more like a colleague that keeps you on track.

Your coach can ask you to have materials for a project ready by a certain date and you are more likely to meet that deadline if you are reporting to someone. Otherwise, you might be tempted to allow other activities distract you and delay the project. You can always find a justification when you only have yourself to answer to.

Being accountable to someone also feeds the motivation and inspiration that you sometimes need to complete a project. When no one is there urging you on, a project could easily fall by the wayside. Doubts creep in and you might dump the project altogether. But with a coach you make a commitment and more gets done. You find a way to persistently keep moving forward towards your goal and when it is completed, your coach is there to make sure you celebrate your accomplishment.

There is one more very good reason to hire a business coach and that is to have an objective observer. Sometimes you can get so bogged down in the little details of running a business that you can overlook things that will be obvious to someone else. A coach can point out the weak links and also the stronger areas that need more attention.

Hiring a business coach can give your business a big boost by providing you with motivation, inspiration and accountability. And a business coach will give you more power and enthusiasm to accomplish more of your goals than was ever possible by you alone.

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Jeannette Koczela coaches solopreneurs who want to get more clients, grow their business, and make more money. Let her help you create a thriving business and prosperous money mindset using the universal law of attraction. Receive her Empowered Spirit Coaching Success Kit including her report "3 Secrets to Attract Your Ideal Clients" and a free coaching session audio .