It's over a decade since the first version of Angular, an open-source framework, hit the (digital) shelves. Since then, this JavaScript-based framework has been garnering enormous attention for its easy testing ability, scalability, and unmatched potential to power dynamic web applications. Not to mention, many leading brands in the industry including Google, PayPal, Samsung, YouTube, Deloitte, Forbes, Upwork, Xbox, and more are leveraging the potential of this framework for frontend web design and development.

Google launched Angular back in 2010 as AngularJS and since then many new versions of Angular 2+ or Angular CLI have been released that made it better than ever. You would be amazed to know that the number of downloads of Angular is surging exponentially from 600,000 in 2018 to 1600,000 in 2020. According to a report by trends.builtwith, Angular powers over 1,141,000 live sites, and out of them nearly 61,000 sites are in the top 1 million. If you are also planning to use Angular for single-page application development, it’s strongly recommended to hire seasoned developers. This ultimate guide will walk you through how to hire Angular developers right the first time. Let’s dive deep into it.

Step 1: Define your business requirements

First things first - clearly define your business requirements before you start looking out for Angular developers. Without having a coherent description of your business requirements, it becomes really challenging to find or hire Angular developers, whether you are looking for them on popular job portals, freelance marketplace websites, or through a professional Angularjs development company. Defining your business requirements will help you find the right Angular developer whose expertise suits your needs well. Also, you should take in consideration that a freelance Angular developer has different expectations than a full-time developer working for a company. It is important to note that an application that requires development from scratch may require a different engagement model than an application that is halfway done.

Step 2: Examine the portfolio and clients reviews

Whether you are looking for freelance developers or a professional Angularjs development company, it is strongly recommended to examine their app development portfolio. This will help you determine how well they have performed for other clients and whether you should consider them for your project. By simply browsing their app development portfolio, you can easily get a clear picture of their development expertise. If you are planning to partner with a professional agency, always check their reviews and ratings on popular B2B websites like Clutch, GoodFirms, SoftwareWorld, and more. On the other hand, if you are planning to hire a freelance Angular developer, you should always check the developer profile on the freelance marketplace websites and read previous clients’ reviews and ratings.

Step 3: Check clients testimonials

Another important factor that you need to consider when looking for Angular developers for your project is testimonials. It might be easy for a development agency to dupe clients by publishing fake text testimonials on their website, however, the catch here is that you should look for legitimate video testimonials of clients. When you watch the video testimonials of clients, you can easily determine whether they are real or fake.

Step 4: Take an interview

Even after checking testimonials, clients reviews & testimonials, and portfolios, it is recommended to take a small interview of the developer, particularly if you are hiring a professional from a remote location. When you take an interview of a developer over video or audio call, you will get to know whether the developer is easy to work with or hard to deal with on a personal level. This is important to know, after all, you both are going to spend a couple of months working together. Depending on your project scope and business requirements, this could even stretch up to six months or beyond. If the developer is easy to work with, the development will be much smoother and there will be fewer tussles down the road. Not to forget, you won't be as technically sound as the developer, thereby, you should partner with someone who can deliver you exactly what you want if you won't be able to explain them in technical terms.

Step 5: Find out the development approach

When it comes to hiring Angular developers, you should always choose the one whose development approach aligns well with your project. The reason being is that app engineers divide and organize the work of a software development life cycle (SDLC) in different methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, or Rapid Application Development (RAD). So, if your app development project demands an agile approach, you should hire a developer that follows the same development methodology.

Wrapping up

Hiring an Angular developer for your project can be challenging. However, you can overcome this problem if you follow the steps given in this informative piece.

Author's Bio: 

Alice Gray is a seasoned web developer having over 8+ years of experience in developing tailor-made web applications. In her free time, she loves to educate aspiring developers by developing insightful content on trending tech topics.