If you research on mobile app development, you will see that market is fully saturated, at least to say. There are numerous mobile app developers available in the market.

But with that said, how many of you are developers who really want to build an app? This number may be much lower than initially thought. The reality of the situation here is that just because someone knows how to build a mobile application, they are not necessarily the best developers to build the right app for you. Think of this guide as a detailed checklist that you can use while waiting on potential developers. Finally, understanding about what to look for a developer will make it smoother for you to find the right match for your app.

Choosing the correct option for development:

Which type of mobile app you are developing? Is this an iOS app? Android app? Or both? The answer matters when you are looking forward to hire a developer. Some developers masters in one platform over another. Apps for various OS can be developing on different coding languages. So if you know that you want an iOS on the Apple App Store, it will not mean that it is going with a developer who only develops Android apps. Ideally, you have to look for the developer who can develop both iOS and Android. Otherwise, you have to look for two different developers to build each platform, which can potentially cause more problems. Even if you want to launch an app on just one platform as of now, there is a good option of eventually making it available on two platforms. Using a developer or development company that can develop robust app will down the line lower down the cost and time engaged with developing two different core applications.

The bottom line is - your app needs to be on both platforms.

Availability of platform:

Very often cost will play a key role in someone's decision for getting a developer. But with most of the things one can buy, cheaper is not always a good option to choose from. So a common way to cut and cut corners for saving people money is to look for a freelance developer. Well, it is definitely not a recommended route. There are indeed many talented freelance mobile app developers who are capable in developing mobile app for you. They can also do this at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, a mobile app development company will be dedicated team of developer. They will push their equal efforts on their app.

Requirements of Technology:

When you are looking forward for a mobile app developer, ensure about asking the question based on technology. It is a big hurdle people usually face all the time. Some developers will give you core price of the development cost, but they will not provide you the rate of back-end of the app. There are some things that will have to work after your app goes live.

Do you want user analytics? You need an analytics server. If you want users to log into your app, and have the ability to send a push notification server then there should be an authentication server. The list never stops. So when you are talking to developers, clearly explain the functionality you want in the app. Those features will affect technology needs.

Ensure that developers will give you a transparent bid which includes the cost of technology.


Security needs to be core priority for everyone in developing a mobile app.

So ensure that developer can provide you, your business and your app with high end security functionalities. Here is a great presentation of visual that enables you how to
safeguard a mobile app.

56% of the top paid apps in the Apple App Store are on the attack of the hackers. 163% of malicious mobile app attacks are increasing from year to year. When you are dealing with a developer, emphasize the importance of security.

Developers should be able to specifically tell how secure your app will be. The level of security will vary depending on the type of app you are creating.

Post-Development Support:

Your app has been successfully created. It is available for live, download, and people can use it. Absolutely fantastic! But now what?

Does the developer just leave you? You can't just create an app, set it and forget it.

See your app as newly purchased vehicle that you have just purchased and can be taken very far. You have not paid for that car. It still requires oil changes, tire windings and other routine maintenance. When something goes wrong, you need to fix it.

Your app is not complete, and probably never will be. You will always have to make edits and adjustments with versions updates.

About 30% of apps are updated once a month. Overall, approximately 83% of all apps are updated at least once every six months.

In short, your app needs an update. So find a developer who can do this for you. How much will the update cost?
Some developers will charge for updates per hour, which depends on the resources you need. Others will offer you with a content management system, which will allow you to make those changes yourself.


Not all apps are created equally. One can learn to develop a simple app such as a flashlight code or calculator that has basic coding knowledge. But these skills will not change into the type of app you are creating. Find a developer or mobile application development services who are experienced in developing complex apps, and apps that are similar to yours. Here are some analogies.

If you get arrested in criminal charges, would you bring lawyer of tax to court? No, you will hire a criminal defense lawyer.

Suppose you want to get a new tattoo made. Would you go to an artist without having a single line of experience in making a tattoo? No, you want someone who has done this numerous times.

Sure, these examples may sound somewhat unbelievable and unrelatable to you, but I'm just trying to clarify a point. A mobile app is a serious capital investment, so you need to make sure that you place your trust in an experienced professionals or organization.


How long it can take to create a mobile app? This will a crucial factor in taking the decisions.

Suppose you have consulted several developers and limited your choice to two or three options. Your cheapest option may be a freelancer, but they cannot start working on your app for three months. Furthermore, they are going to take an additional six months to complete this process, and there is no delay.

Is it appropriate to wait nine months for your app to go live?

On the other hand, company tells you that your app can be launched four months after your launch. While this option may be more expensive, depending on the company, developing your app faster is worth it.

Summing up:

If you are going shopping for a developer, make sure you do the following:

• Ask which platforms are covered.
• Ensure you have technology requirements for your facilities.
• Make security a priority.
• Plan ahead for transformations.
• Find a developer who has experience building the type of application you want.
• It is always better to go with an agency than a freelancer. A development agency will have greater availability, and will be able to assist you with better post-launch support.

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Vivek Ghai has over 18 years of experience in software services industry. He is the founder of a software company specializing in web and mobile application development. He has hands-on experience in operations, digital marketing and business development in the technology industry. He advises start-ups and also is a technical co-founder for few of them.