The Shimmering element of the Taj city is no less than a cluster of charming stars – a trip to Agra can never leave the spot that it acquires in every visitor's heart. Agra in itself is a wondrous city residing in the richness of Northern part of country India. After exploring the finest of the Taj City one can easily play fair with the remaining time of their trip by paying a visit to the Dream city of Akbar [referred as FatehpurSikri].
All you have to do is to enjoy a brief ride that will last for approximately 50 minutes [Travelling distance – nearly 35.70 Kilometers]. Make your way to the UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site that was constructed during the Second Half of the 16th century by Emperor Akbar. For approximately 10 years, this city played as the capital of Mughal Empire.
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FatehpurSikri [The city of Victory]
A small city situated in the northern region of India and just to its west is the wondrous city [Agra]. This magical city houses the Red Sandstone buildings cluster at its center. FatehpurSikri was founded as the capital of Mughal Empire in the year 1571 by Emperor Akbar. Back in days, the Khanqah of Sheikh Salim resided at this place.
Here are the names of prime attractions that you can explore while wandering in the remarkable region of this city:
1- BulandDarwaza – referred as the “Gate of Victory”; this fine piece of creativity was built in 1572 AD by the emperor Akbar to celebrate his victory over Gujarat.
BulandDarwaza is the main entrance to the Palace at FatehpurSikri and it’s also famed as the highest gateway in the World [a striking example of Mughal Architecture displaying Akbar’s empire].
2- Tomb of SalimChishti – Another piece of creativity showcasing the finest of Mughal architecture residing in the arms of India. This place of importance was constructed during the years of 1580 and 1581.
3- Jama Mosque – Lead to a direction that introduces you to a 17th-century Mosque – well-recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This Mosque extends some 540 feet in length [Mark your presence at this wondrous land].
4- PanchMahal [The dream of stones] – Make your way to the ‘Wind Catcher Tower’ that was commissioned by SikarwarRajputs. This striking structure exhibiting a quirky feature stands close to the Zenana quarters that support the supposition, which was used for the purpose of relaxation and entertainment.

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Avail the best of Agra tour by car and explore the Taj city along with the dream city of Akbar [FatehpurSikri].