Public communication or most likely speaking exists since the beginning of time. Literally spoken, the man has the desire to communicate political and social issues and that’s a component of our interaction between different type of people since the ancient civilizations, being one of the oldest forms of communication, as well as the first known mass communication process brought to existence. Later on, when a number of individuals from different families formed a complete unit in a composition, a clan or a tribe, still recognized the status and command of their leader. Drama is one of the aspects which influenced most of the primitive communities, as well as entertainment and religion through oral way. During this time, extremely well-organized associations and different type of parties discuss all the matters together for a particular purpose.

All the important epochs of the world’s progress express the importance of speech upon the action of a particular or multiple groups of individuals. Beyond the rectangular public space known as Roman Forum, which represents a great social significance , speeches were made public and were affecting the entire ancient world. Taking a look back at Renaissance Italy, imperial Spain, unwieldy Russia, freedom loving England, revolutionary France, we can notice that all experienced periods when the power of certain men to communicate stirred other men into tempestuous action.

The uninterrupted influence of exceptional speakers upon others can be also found in the history of United States. Most of the colonists were led to actions accomplished together by the power of persuasive speeches. The Colonial Congresses and Constitutional Convention were also ruled by capable and skilled individuals in public speech. The well-known speeches and debates seem to be the main issue of slavery. Almost all the representative Americans such as presidents had the function of a leader most likely because their impressive and outstanding qualifications when it comes up to expressing feelings which everyone would like to hear about.

Throughout the Great War, millions of the world were not worried just about the fact what their leaders were saying, but what actions their other leaders were taking into consideration.

There is no particular looks of modern life in which the spoken work is not given a great significant importance. Leaders and affiliates of the world nations decided upon a peace treaty and deliberating upon a League of Nations sway and are swayed by speech. National meetings named new ones of early nations to the century old organizations speak, and listen to speeches. In state legislatures, municipal councils, law courts, religious organizations, theaters, lodges, societies, boards of directors, stockholders' meetings, business discussions, classrooms, dinner parties, social functions, friendly calls in every human relationship where two individuals meet there is communication by means of speech.

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