Attempts to transmit audio signals by using of computer technology made in the early stages of development of Internet. While the digitized analog sounds, applying programming techniques, and transform into files, which are then placed on a home web-page or send e-mail.
The world's leading broadcast via Internet radio station has Internet Talk Radio (creator - Carl Malumud). This happened in 1993. The station use special technology of dubbing via radio. Two years later began work station, designed only to users of Internet: Radio HK. Broadcast Internet Radio based on the transmission of the audio signal through a program specifically designed to hold various conferences.
How did the development of on-line radio happen?
Popular radio and TV stations laid out the video and audio files to your pages. This happened before the end of the 90s, and some stations continue this practice today. Of course, such archives can not claim to be a full-fledged Internet radio. Things began to change only with the expansion of the capacity of various channels of communication, as well as the emergence of the format audio and video streaming. Today's most popular format for users and for owners of Internet radio - it's an MP3.
Prospects of development of Internet radio.
Does it have an on-line radio to promote business? Is it profitable to develop their own Internet radio? Try to understand. Firstly, on-line radio still does not need licensing, there is no need for legal registration. Own Internet radio can organize every Internet user, no matter what his nationality and where he lives. Second, no specific cash infusions for the organization of Internet radio is not required (unlike terrestrial radio). For a start it is quite an ordinary computer, broadband access to the World Wide Web, a few free programs that are based on Win Amp, and hard drive with recorded music. Yes, still need a microphone - this is the case, if you want to perform a DJ on your own Internet radio. Finally, the question of advertising. Conventional ad units are used ethereal radio, to on-line radio is unlikely to fit: the modern listener as "overfed" advertising, it is unlikely to cause any feelings other than anger. This problem can be solved if we take into account the fact that the main instrument of acceptance of Internet radio is the computer. It is in computer technology, and should seek new opportunities for advertisers. It is not excluded that will soon be distributed system where Internet stations will award bonuses to attract users and for listening to their broadcast. There are many other possibilities that are just waiting for their implementation.

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