12th July, 2006, I turned four and the day happens to be the happiest day of the year for me as it is my birthday. The reason of “The happiness” is obviously the gifts. A variety of balloons, the special cake, people blessing me and the bulk of gifts; oh I just love them. I wish I could celebrate my birthday every month. However, the exciting thing about this birthday was the special gift. It was a giant “pencil sharpener”. In fact, of all the gifts this pencil sharpener became my favorite because of its size, color and the finishing. The best thing is, now I have the best pencil sharpener among my friends.

This was just a story of little Ally in which she has described her happiness after getting a pencil sharpener as a birthday gift. However, pencil sharpener has its own story as well which many of us are not aware of. In Ireland pencil sharpeners are called as topper or parer. It is a device which is used to sharpen a pencil’s lid by shaving its worn surface. Pencil sharpeners are operated in many ways, such as manually or by electric motor.

Earlier, pencil used to be sharpened by knives. In 1828, a French mathematician, Bernard Lassimone applied for the first copyright on pencil sharpeners. On the other hand, now pencil sharpeners come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Now, they can be divided into many types such as electric sharpeners, razor knife, and specialized pencil sharpeners. In fact, the price range of such sharpeners also varies according to the design of the sharpeners.

A sharpener may look small, but its qualities make it worthy because without a pencil sharpener it would be quite difficult to use a pencil. Therefore, a pencil sharpener is a must to carry in a pencil box. In fact, if there is a pencil then there should be a pencil sharpener too, because it is not feasible for anybody to write with a blunt pencil. Therefore, a pencil sharpener plays the equal important role of that of a pencil or a pen and even a book.

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