The CBSE board was first established in 1952 and was a combination of several education boards namely Ajmer, Bhopal and Vindhya Pradesh but was not the first education board to be set up in India. The very first board in India was the Uttar Pradesh of high school and intermediate education which was set up in 1921. Today the CBSE board has been noted to be the most desired education board in India due to having a common CBSE Board Syllabus that is followed through out the nation.

Different state boards have been noted to have significant problems for students who need to move frequently thus leading to educational problem linked to language and syllabus. Having the same board across the nation assures student maintain their syllabus and can answer CBSE Board Question Papers from any school that is CBSE Board affiliated. Regional languages have also been noted to be a major obstacle for many candidates since it is not possible for them to learn the different languages needed to pass regional boards.

Although the board has been noted to have significant advantage compared to other board it has also been noted to cause some major concern among parents who may desire to admit their children to CBSE Board schools. In regions like Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat CBSE board schools have been noted to be in high demand compared to the regional board thus causing unreasonable hikes in the CBSE Board admission fees. This has proven to be a major draw back for many candidates as their hopes of proving CBSE Board Syllabus education to their children is dashed.

Today the board is spread across all states of the nation but the question concerning its target to provide a uniform board to be followed has raised many questions. Schools must meet stringent requirements to meet the CBSE Board requirement yet many schools remain below the standards required. This may be an acceptable point towards the debate but it is important to create awareness concerning the high fees and other charges being claimed by CBSE Board School. This has turned them to Commercial rather than educational organizations as they are concentrating on the financial aspect rather than education.

The government has managed to make the CBSE board Syllabus become one of the most desired in the nation but efforts must now be diverted towards spreading the education system to more schools thus making CBSE Board Question Papers available to more candidate and also reducing the amount of admission fees and donations demanded by the current CBSE Board schools in these regions.

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