In the modern world, psychotherapy is used to help a patient with their specific set of mental problems. Processing techniques include experimental relationship building, dialogue and behavior change. But who came up with the methods and practices associated with psychotherapy?

Psychotherapie Rheine goes back to all ages since the ancient Greeks who were the first to classify mental disorders as a medical condition. Prior to this revelation, mental disorders were immersed in superstition. Any abnormal behavior was considered a sign of malicious entities. After the Fall of Rome, the old belief that the supernatural was involved began to rise again, resulting in torture to try to gain a confession of demons. Still, some enlightened physicians like Paracelsus began to support the idea of ​​using psychotherapy to treat patients.

The English psychiatrist Walter Cooper Dendy coined the term psychotherapy in 1853. Sigmund Freud then revolutionized the field of psychotherapy with descriptions of unconscious child sexuality, dreams and his model of the human mind. After extensive work with neurotic patients, Freud believed that mental illness was due to the suppression of thoughts and memories in the unconscious. He also believed that the treatment should include listening to the patient's conversation about his problems so that the memories could surface and the symptoms lessen.

For more than 50 years, Freud's methods and practices were mainly practiced in psychotherapy. With the growth of American psychology, new cases of active therapy treatments emerged.

Behavioral therapy, which helps treat emotional and behavioral problems, places much more emphasis on a person's thoughts and feelings. As such, it has become an important type of treatment for a wide variety of psychiatric conditions.

In the 1940s, Carl Rogers focused on offering genuine acceptance as part of his interpersonal therapy. By the 1970s, more than sixty different types of psychotherapy had been adapted. Psychotherapy is now used worldwide to treat patients suffering from various mental disorders.

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In the modern world, psychotherapy is used to help a patient with their specific set of mental problems.