Hitachi was the first Japanese company to set up any manufacturing unit in India and is now the only company who is expanding its production facilities.Hitachi is a

multinational Japanese company and it specialized in the production of high technology devices.Information and Telecommunication Systems,Electrical Systems,Electronic

Component Devices,Construction,etc. are the main business segments of Hitachi.

Temperature increases in every year,so the usage of air conditioners also increases.Hitachi air conditioner satisfies the needs of millions of people in India.It offer

a large variety of air conditioners for both business and home use,and also meet the customer requirements.

Air Conditioner for home usage-Hitachi air conditioner helps to cool the home spaces and it also provide other functionalities.Hitachi air conditioner design

implements the anti-dust filter mechanisms.It helps to remove the dust particles contains in the air and protect our homes from germs.Hitachi air conditioners are the

perfect one to satisfy the customer requirements and also available in reasonable price. The efficiency of Hitachi air conditioners are high compared to other air

conditioners available in the market.All types of air conditioner models are under the categories of Split air conditioners and windows air conditioners.

Split air conditioner-This type of air conditioners comes in two parts.One is placed in inside the room by mounting on the wall and the other is placed in outside.They

are quite pleasing to look and comes in wide variety such as such as iTEC,ACE Follow Me,ACE Cutout,Sta,Kaze,Atom,Atom XL and Atom.

Windows air conditioners- Hitachi windows air conditioners are available in two models.One is Quadricool TM and the other is Quadricool.Both of these air conditioners

come with dry mode and at five different fan speeds.The AC unit is powered by advanced DC fan motor technology.

Quadricool TM- It uses revolutionary Twin Motor and Twin Turbo technology.Auto climate technology.The Air conditioner works at its maximum,so as to maximize

cooling.This function is available in auto and cool mode.The device will automatically select the comfort temperature and will maintain the temperature at about 25C

with suitable fan speed.Uniform air distribution,alarm function,auto fan speed etc are the facilities available in this model.

.Quadricool- Possibly this is the world’s most silent Window AC.Works in bothdDry mode and cool mode,auto fan speed,alarm function,auto climate technology,auto fan

speed,auto power safe mode,auto restart etc are the functionalities available in quadricool model.

Hitachi for Business applications-There are a wide variety of Hitachi air conditioners are available in the market for the business purpose or commercial purpose.Some

of the business purpose air conditioners are listed below.

Cassette air conditioners-This is one of the best ceiling AC in India. It offers uniform cooling even in the most irregular shaped rooms.

Takumi series of Hitachi Ducted Air conditioners-It is easy to Install, User friendly, reliable and energy efficient. These products are a cutting edge of innovation &


Self contained air conditioner- Ideal for open spaces like Auditoriums, Factories, Conference Rooms, Food Processing & Laboratories.

Chillers- Powerful cooling ability, low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and high reliability are the main advantages of chillers air conditioners.

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