People who desire to go to the gym after the LASIK eye surgery should follow various precautionary measures. The gym is the source of allergic reactions and infections, mainly due to sweat. Never touch your eyes without washing. Do not perform any activity unless advised by your eye surgeon. You may start with light exercise and may increase it over the next two weeks after surgery.

Resuming Activities After Lasik Eye Surgery
If you are a fitness freak, you should want to go to the gym as soon as possible after the LASIK eye surgery. But wait. You should follow the instructions of your eye surgeon. Do not go to the gym at least 3 days after the LASIK eye surgery. It may cause strain and discomfort to the eyes, which may affect the outcome of the surgery. Many people ask the question, “Can I go to the gym after LASIK eye surgery?”. The answer is “Yes, you can.” However, you should take caution at the gym.

Your doctor may permit you to perform very light exercise three to four days after the LASIK surgery. You can walk or lift light weights at the gym. The idea is to prevent excess sweat and stress in the eyes. As you are at a healing stage and have a risk for infection, never touch your eyes with unclean hands. You can perform yoga and jogging a week after LASIK eye surgery. You can increase your activities gradually and safely do most physical activities and exercises two weeks after the LASIK surgery.

Sweat In The Eyes After Lasik Eye Surgery
You may experience discomfort and irritation when you have sweat in your eyes. You should avoid getting the sweat in your eyes by wiping it frequently while doing exercise. You can do this by using a clean towel or through wristbands. Even if sweat enters your eyes, avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs. Rubbing the eyes may interfere with corneal healing and may cause complications.

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