HSBC has known the economic slowdown in commercial loan sector this year, but it will not give up any hope in drawing more loan applications in the world.

HSBC is now considering offering free business information and tips to SMEs in electronic mode.
HSBC said growth in commercial loans in Hong Kong this year was likely to be less than the 22 per cent rise seen last year and it was caused by weakening overseas demand due to Europe debt crisis and unemployment rate hike in USA.

China economic conditions are comparatively stable and the trading is expected to rise especially in southern provinces and cities. Global trade will come out of wood and revive by the end of 2014.

Hong Kong's trade is forecast to enjoy an average growth of 4.47 per cent a year from now through 2018, outpacing global growth of 3.84 per cent.

HSBC is planning to offer more business opportunities information to SMEs so SMEs can find more orders and then SMEs are confident and reliable on HSBC services, in this way HSBC bank could lend more loans to SMEs, which can also benefit from such scheme if they are lack of funds to complete orders.

Since March 23, HSBC has been posting data including the latest business trends, analysis of trade issues, trade regulations and statistics on the Trade Development Council's website.

B2B platforms may be more sensitive on foreign trade and B2B platforms can offer more value added services, including small amount of loans to SMEs, compared with HSBC or other banks.

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