This tradition is popular in many countries as diverse as Australia, China,

Cuba, Indonesia, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Roasting a

hog is usually roasted on a specially made rotating barbeque machine

(Rotisserie). A hog is a pig which has been specially reared for slaughter.

Essentially, hog roast catering can take 6 to 10 hours, but this is

naturally influenced by the size of the hog. Depending on where you are in

the world, roasting a whole pig can be centred around one or other

celebration. These celebrations can be corporate events, weddings and even

celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. However, any event or occasion

will do when it comes to hog roasting. Just getting together with a host of

friends is a good enough excuse to hog roast.

The ideal size of a pig would be about 40 kilograms. (+- 90 pounds). To

ensure a rich tender taste, it is advisable to utilise a younger pig. (About

1 years old). Older hogs can be used, but the meat tends be tougher and less

juicy as they get older. The best charcoal to choose would be a natural

type. The reason for this is that the charcoal available commercially

produces a lot of soot, and it could affect the flavour of the meat. That is

the last thing you want when you have a whole host of hungry guests waiting

in anticipation.

The quality of the hog is of paramount importance and can make or break you

event. Buying directly from an organic farmer will usually ensure that the

meat has ample flavour and is juicy. It is best to arrange the purchase

about five days prior to your event as it needs to be hung for a while.

The roasting process can become a cumbersome process. It is advisable to

inform your guests when the meat roasting is expected to be completed. Hog

roasting takes patience, so try to have other things for guests to nibble on

to keep their hunger pangs at bay. The consumption of all types of

refreshments is inevitable during this drawn out process, and you must find

a way of keeping these liquids cool and the guests refreshed.

Ensure that the hog is well secured to the spit. A whole pig weighs a lot

and it can slip during the turning process. The spit rod must be tied to the

hog’s spine to help secure the huge lump of meat. The rotating process is

usually automated but you can rent or buy hand turning spits should you


You need to ensure that you have sufficient coal to start with. In fact,

make sure that you have an additional 25% more than is needed. It is

important that your coals are not to hot in the beginning. If the outside of

the hog is already being burnt in the first hour or two, then the fire is to

hot. This would require lifting the hog a bit higher from the heat, or to

cool down the process by adding less hot coals as you go along. A large fire

on the side must be kept going through the whole process to ensure a fresh

supply of hot coals so as to maintain an even temperature.

With the end in sight, you will need to add a lot of coals, and even lower

the hog if necessary, to make sure that the skin becomes crispy all over.

This is when you need to rotate it regularly so ensure an overall

crispiness. Hog roast catering can be fun way to earn a living or can

provide an additional income.

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