Did you know that as well as being fabulous hog roast caterers that we also offer a machine hire service that enables you to be able to hire our machines out for you to use. Not only does this allow you to have more freedom but it's also great as we hire our machines out at great value this enables you to save some money too. The number of people renting out hog roast machines is increasing each year. If you think that this service is something that you would be interested in and you are in the Isle of Wight we are one of the only companies that will be able to help you as there's few other companies that also provide this service to the region. Hog roasting is extremely low in price and one of the best ways to cook for a large amount of people.

People are often put off by hog roast catering as they think is may be too expensive and maybe not worth the cost. These are the people that end up struggling to do everything themselves. The machine hire service is fantastic and reasonably priced solution if you are looking to cook food yourself effortlessly. Renting out one of these machines will assist you in entertaining, impressing and providing amazing food for whoever you are catering for, whether it is friends, family or even customers. You may be thinking that you might find it difficult to split roast, this is highly unlikely. You don't need any experience to hire out one of our machines, in fact even if you have never cooked before you will still be able to use one of our machines.

As well as cooking truly mouth watering food all of our machine are CE registered, allowing you to rest assured that you are receiving top quality, high standard machines. Well established hog roast caterers even hire our machines out, if our competition are using out machines that must tell you that they are of a superb quality. We stock two machines that you can choose from, both of which are of the same high quality but one is larger than the other. The smaller machines can cook up to 35kg and the larger one 90kg. These hog roast machines are not restricted to just cooking pigs. They can also cook various other meats including lamb and chicken and also have a built in grill. This grill can either be used to barbecue meat at the same time as roasting or to place a pan on to boil vegetables to go with your meat. With these wonderful properties you options of what to cook really are endless.

If decide to hire one of our machines but still can't decide what it is that you would like to cook you can take a look at our menus to get some inspiration. While this may be a good idea for some people we understand that other will simply want to hire one of our machines and do their own thing. Either way we're sure that you will please whoever you are catering for greatly.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to hire out a hog roast machine whether it is for a party, a barbecue or any other event we are almost positive that it will be ideal for you. If you are looking to use a hog roast machine in a beer garden or a pub this is also a great idea and it will help to increase interest and custom not only in the machine but your establishment as well.

If you want a hog roast, no matter what occasion it may be for but are looking to save some money then you should consider hiring one of our machines. This enable you to cook great food but at a low cost.

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