Planning any social event is a difficult task, especially when you’re facing it alone or with a small team with barely enough members. So while you’re listing down the events and arranging the decorations, why not let outside catering services handle the food for you?

Your guests may forget the decorations and the music, but they will certainly never forget how good the food tasted. So although you won’t be doing the cooking yourself, choosing the right one out of hundreds of hog roast machine catering services is a very important task.

Choosing the Food

Of course, the food is the most important detail you have to pay attention to when choosing among outside catering services. Think about the type of event you’ll be having. If it’s a casual event among friends, then you can try casual services such as barbecue catering. Or, if you’re hosting a more formal event, then it’s best to opt for fine dining catering services.

In choosing the food, taste is also very important. Most outside catering services will set a date for you to have your food tasting. This will help you choose the menu for your party, and help you determine any small changes that you’d like to make to their recipe.

Appearance is also important in choosing the food. Make sure that the caterer you’ve chosen will present the food in an appetizing way. You can also have them present the food using gimmicks, such as for Halloween or Valentine’s Day events.

Choosing the Beverage

Choosing the beverage is also important for the food preparations. For example, it’s best not to serve alcoholic drinks if children will be joining the party because they can accidentally have some.

Pairings are also important in choosing the right drink. Wine pairings are very common for dishes and they give the party a formal air. Still, you are not limited to just wine for your pairings. Beer is now a popular choice for food pairings because they now come in different flavors. Coffee is also an excellent drink that can be paired with many different dishes.

If you’re uncertain about choosing your own, then you can ask your caterer if they offer food and beverage pairings as part of their service.

Renting the Accessories

Some hog roast catering services don’t just offer to cook for you; they also offer to bring you everything else you need. For example, for an additional fee, you can make use of the catering company’s tables, chairs and cutlery. For more formal events, some outside catering services offer to decorate your venue because they already have their own set of table cloths, candle sticks and other decorations.

If you’re short on manpower, then you can also ask your caterer if they offer waiters and servers who can attend to the guests at your party. Most formal outside catering services have a list of employees who are trained specifically for these types of events. So, for an additional payment, you won’t have to worry about your guests being served improperly.

Paying the Right Price

Of course, outside catering services don’t always come cheap. For the food, you’ll be paying around £12 - $£5 per person; depending on the serving style you chose (buffet, sit-down, finger foods, etc.).

For the beverage, it’s about £2.50 – £20 per person depending on the beverage that’s served. If you choose to serve your own bottles of wine or alcohol, then the catering company can opt to charge you a corkage fee, which is basically payment for having them open and serve your drinks.

Rentals for other accessories will also be based on the number of people attending and the number of hours that you’ll be renting them for. Labor charges are also paid by the hour, multiplied by the number of extra people you’ve hired to serve your guests.

Other fees include tax, the service charge, and of course, the tips.

It’s no secret that having outside catering services handle your food preparations can dig into your pockets. However, if you want your food to be done professionally and without hassle, then having your event catered with hog roast machines is a good option to consider.

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