What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a modern approach to the world surrounding dentistry. Meaning it’s an alternative to the solutions pertaining to maintaining and having healthy teeth.

To fully understand this alternative of dental health, one should take a closer at the different aspects of it that holistic dentists and biological dentists utilize for dental health.

Aspects of Holistic Dentistry

As noted, there are a ton of different factors that go into holistic dentistry that differentiate it from basic dentistry. The points below will a dive a bit deeper into what makes this alternative for dental health so popular and important.

  1. Diet Is Important

    A big factor in holistic dentistry has to do with diet. Traditionally speaking, dentists don’t usually dictate to patients what they can and can’t eat. They might tell kids to stay away from candy to avoid cavities, but it usually doesn’t go much farther than that.

    Whereas holistic dentists talk to patients about what they can eat to help their dental health. What we eat and consume plays a huge factor in how our teeth look. So why shouldn’t our dentist talk to us about diet and how it pertains to our teeth?

  1. Fluoride Does More Harm Than Good 

    Surprisingly enough, despite what a lot of dentists recommend, the truth is fluoride does a lot of harm to teeth. Although fluoride can help with issues such as tooth decay, it has a series of long term side effects that come along with it.

    Side effects such as thyroid issues, neurological issues, acne, cardiovascular issues, and much more have all been linked to fluoride. What mainstream dentists don’t want patients to realize is that although there are some benefits to fluoride, the bad outweighs the good.

    Thus, the reason why holistic dentists go with more natural substances for the replacement of fluoride. Allowing users to still have minimal tooth decay, while avoiding other serious health issues.

  1. Root Canal Alternative

    For those who don’t know, a root canal procedure is typically the removal of a tooth and the bacteria under the tooth. Once removed, a filling is set in place to help stop the spread of the bacteria.

    However, because of the obvious pain that comes with a procedure like this and the minimal job it does at eliminating the spread of bacteria, holistic dentists have a ton of alternatives to this procedure.

    Alternatives include ozone therapy and cytokine therapy. Procedures that take proper care on the specific tooth overtime without yanking it out and causing more damage. The exact procedure depends on the dentist, but it’s a lot less painful and more precautious on the situation. Please find a suitable holistic dentist in your area.

  1. Mercury Shouldn’t Be Used For Dentistry

    Similar to fluoride, mercury is generally used by most dentists. Where the two differ is that mercury is used as a way to fill a tooth that previously had a cavity.

    Although the mercury does a solid job at holding up as a filling, the truth is that as humans, mercury is very deadly to us, so why would we want it in our mouth?

    Just like fluoride alternatives and other methods, holistic dentistry focuses on using products that are mercury-free for fillings. Allowing patients to not have to worry about the dangerous component being inside of their mouth.


Basically, holistic dentistry is the modern advancement of dentistry. It doesn’t just look at what can make your teeth look nice, but it takes the whole picture on dental health, health in general, and much more.

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