Holistic healing for quitting smoking is a type of recovery process that happens from the healing hands of within by treating each aspect of life as a well-deserving-of-attention piece of the puzzle. Understanding the complications you face in quitting smoking may help you begin to understand how holistic healing techniques can help you finally say, “Good Bye!” to nicotine dependence.

On the surface, cigarette smoking is an apparent bad habit that seems to have one simple solution: Just don't smoke – which is a naive suggestion from somebody who's never picked up a cigarette before! Sure, in order to quit smoking you have to not smoke cigarettes one day at a time; but if little more effort to give up cigarettes exists besides a white-knuckle experience to 'just not smoke,' your quit may not last long.

While it's common knowledge that the addiction of smoking cigarettes is both physical and psychological, the severity of the impact that behavioral health has on smoking is not nearly touched on enough. The reality is: Smoking is primarily a symptom of a more profound inability to healthfully process through emotions...Secondly, nicotine addiction is an habitual disorder; and lastly nicotine is physically addictive.

The holistic way to quit smoking is a plan involves researching the details of each cause and effect of nicotine addiction and the impact it has on your life individually and using said information to devise a complete and effective plan of quitting.

Finding Yourself and Triggers for Cigarette Cravings

The first step to holistic healing from smoking cigarettes is the identification of senses 'relieved' by tobacco. From highly recognizable peak smoking times like after eating, upon awakening, breaking at work, etc to deeply troubling emotions you choose not to face by smoking; you will begin to develop a complete understanding of your personal relationship to cigarettes.

If you are consistent in your quest for answers you will most likely witness emerging patterns in behaviors and thought processes that lead up to your cravings. Deep down, you may already be aware of some of the emotional truths that keep you tied to the dominating grip of nicotine addiction. If this is the case, you are probably holding on to one-sided perceptions of what events transpired and harboring resentments that eat at your very core on a daily basis.

Not every smoker is 'emotionally distraught;' and if you are not among the group of smokers who relies heavily on cigarettes for an obvious emotional solution you can still recover from nicotine addiction with holistic healing methods. There are different levels of dependence and different senses appeased by smoking. The common thread is that there is an unhealthy obsession with an outlet for false pleasure that will ultimately end in death if a successful war is not waged against the intrusion on your life.

Suitable Alternatives to Smoking

Holistic recovery methods from smoking involves natural foods and herbal supplements as much as it involves physical exercise and emotional recovery. From the treatment used as a physical cessation and the wholesome foods chosen for diet and nutrition to the workout routine that is committed to on a daily basis, holistic healing is about taking the time to take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Sort Out Your Emotions

You may realize once you begin that your emotional reaction to situations plays a larger role on your smoking habit than you had previously realized. Do not be alarmed; it's the the nature of the beast! In order to track your emotions to a point where holistic healing from nicotine addiction can begin you need to examine each feelings based craving and group them into categories: Fear, stress or anxiety, sadness, guilt, resentments, etc.

More often than not, specific emotional imbalances are apparent in multiple life examples. Once you have identified the feelings that cause you the most problems, you can then begin to outline the details of your specific history that led to that specific emotional dysfunction.

If all previous attempts to quit smoking have failed, holistic healing for quitting smoking might be the one treatment that works!

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After 17 years of smoking and numerous failed attempts at quitting, I was finally successful after adopting holistic methods of recovery into my quit plan. To learn more about holistic healing, visit http://stop-smoking-now-for-life.com/holistic-healing.php and remember...You CAN quit smoking!