HOLLYFY, a branded entertainment platform gets brands featured in TV shows, movies, video games, music videos, or collaborating with social media influencers.

This matchmaking technology skips the hefty price tag associated with giant media companies that have full control over access, media buying, and prices, and pairs you with content you are attracted to, matching your brand ethos, recommending good integrations, and automatically connecting you with people who want to work with you.

HOLLYFY's mission is all about inclusivity, catering to small businesses and well-known brands, with no middleman. Gone are the days of bloated holding companies charging millions of dollars to achieve minimal exposure and only opening doors to the big players. Dynamic duo Erik Norgaard and Aju Thomas had their 'aha' moment after working on the Google / Star Wars brand integration for the movie 'Force Awakens' and realized there had to be a way for smaller companies to work with entertainment creators, not just the mega-corporations like Google and Disney. Thus, they set out to build the technology for HOLLYFY.

Using their relationships with high profile talent agencies, entertainment companies and production companies, and ranging from athletes, to music video directors, to massive rosters of influencers, Hollyfy sources opportunities for the long and short term for brands, with personal relationships at large ad agencies and inside marketing departments.

With a growth rate of 27% monthly, Hollyfy's leadership team has worked in global marketing departments and advertising agencies at Apple, Google, Beats by Dre, Chase Bank, Acura, UPS, Marvel, NFL, NCAA and more with connections at Disney, Nike, Google, Netflix, LionsGate, JBL, Burger King, Universal Music, Legendary, CAA and Endeavor.

Erik Norgaard states, "Currently, brands spend billions of dollars per year on legacy interruptive advertising. We are the first and only (patent-pending) piece of technology and decentralized cloud-based solution that forms powerful marketing partnerships by matching brands with all forms of entertainment using our matchmaking self-service platform and full-service marketing and media management. We help brands by getting them into the cultural zeitgeist, amplifying word-of-mouth advertising and exponentially increasing marketing efficacy."

Aju Thomas continues, "Remote work is the future of marketing. Decentralized workforces are now empowered to achieve exponential brand awareness (and business growth), while simultaneously allowing workers to leave overpriced mega-cities. This is where our technology comes in, empowering the 'little guy' no matter where the business is based."

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