Those of you who read Pray Rain entries or my response to Tia from this post or been in group mastermind conversations know I’ve been getting healthy reminders from Universe to follow intuition- regardless of how much sense it does or doesn’t make.

Which I thought I was already pretty good at, but apparently there’s a whole new skill level for me to master.

So when I started feeling an urge to offer an “open” course on manifesting money, I paid attention.

“Wouldn’t it be fun,” I thought, “to offer a course on money where everyone could benefit? Especially the folks who think they have no money?!”money-faucet1

That DID sound like fun! It was a clear call from inspiration, even though my “logical” brain (i.e. gremlins) said ridiculous things like:

  • “You can’t do this for free, girlfriend, you do still work for a living!” and
  • “People will totally take advantage - you’ll have twice the participants but make half the money” and
  • “People will think you’re doing it because you can’t fill a group if it costs money” and
  • “People who don’t pay much won’t get good value”

But I remembered the price I paid for ignoring intuition and not following my heart before, and it isn’t going to happen again!

So in yesterday’s ezine, I let guidance run the show and unveiled a new group Money Course starting July 8th that has a structure different than my typical offerings: YOU set the tuition, and you pay it when you’re ready.

It felt good, open, liberated and loose.

(No coincidence that’s the vibration around Money that works really well, too!)

Then this morning I woke up remembering the tail end of a dream where I was looking for something in the corner of a room where nothing should have been.

To my delight, what appeared before my very eyes was a cool … well, I don’t know it was. A decorated pen or colorful mini-umbrella or something. Whatever it was, I was delighted to find it there, and as I reached down for it several more appeared out of thin air! Just as beautiful, just as dazzling, just as delightful.

Right where they shouldn’t have been.

I knew instantly angels were telling me I was on the right track with this offering that might seem like it would result in less income and tenuous value, that there would actually be more beautiful surprise gifts involved with it. (Angels get through to me best in dreams.)

Cool, huh?!

And this morning, right after finishing a meeting with my mastermind group where I talked about my new approach with this Money Course, I opened an email from Paypal which revealed the biggest single lump sum deposit my account has ever seen.

(And I’ve done corporate gigs before!)

It was from a private client who was paying for services in advance. It surprised me so much I tweeted this:

    “Holy mother of God. Just got a HUGE paypal pmt from a client who is apparently paying in advance. For life. That - or she made a typo! lol”

But then I realized what was really happening. Universe was giving me not just great confirmation of how well it works to follow intuition and be loose and open and trusting, but it also gave me a great opening story for the Money Course! (hee hee)

If you’re interested in having some fun with me and Money next month, be sure you’re signed up for the ezine to get details on it next week. (Sign up links are at the top of this blog’s sidebar and on the Good Vibe Coaching site.)

The extra cool part of this is that while vacuuming today, I got another clear hit from angels that this isn’t my course. Apparently it’s YOURS.

Can’t wait to see where you take us with it!

(In fact, if you’ve got ideas, please share them here. Thank you!)

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