Some people might be incognizant about home automation hub. Let us make you acquainted with the home automation. So, the first thing you need to know is that modern automation is usually done with is a smart hub.

A query will arise that what is a smart hub?There is a heap of connections in everyone's home. Smart hub is going to be a central connection point for all the different smart devices that you have in your home.

It is also going to operate all the configuration and the processing for what you want to do with home automation. So there are a bunch of home automation hubs out there.
Hubs are in plenary, the web devices that supply as a region for the union where data takes place from one or more devices and is promoted out in one or more other apparatuses in various directions.

A smart home automation hub usually has an inherent switch, which holds down the informative data mostly needed to ascertain how and where data should progress.

Why the home automation hub is needed: -

The main interest to us a home automation hub is quite simple. Being able to control all the smart devices of your home from a smartphone app.

Using the different smart apps for various devices are also riddle for a person. In fact, it will be quite helpful to use a single altogether app Instead of exercising of unsorted apps for distinct devices.

How to choose the best hubs for essential needs: -

To choose the best home automation hub, a person should be familiar with some basic knowledge or at least the three aspects.

These are: -

1) Compatibility

2) Ease of usage

3) Help & support.

Compatibility: The centralized hub should be consistent with all the networks and the light systems the thermostatic appliances and even the temperature. There must be several directives to use all the devices. The hub should be compatible to hold down all the commandment done by the user.

Ease of usage: Complicated hubs might make a mess practice.The pivotal hub should be thoroughly simple and efficient to understand and use.

Help & support: The conventional hub should have help and support system to fix all the bugs and failures

One of the biggest problems with the home automation hub in currently is there are so many different companies and smart products competing each other. Yet Many of the products compatible with the same system.

In most of the home automation system, a central hub is used to control all individual devices throughout the house. Usually, the hub connects with both of the internets and to the smart devices in the house, allowing it to control everything from phone or tablet even the user is in the home.

Unfortunately, many of the hubs only control any specific product. So, it is important to research on exactly what the user wants to control and then pick a system that works best for the need of the user. Let us give a look on the WINK HUB.

Wink hub: -

Wink hub works with a large variety of products including lights, garage door openers, locks, and cameras.

The most helpful products that are mostly used with the wink hub are drop cam or nest cam, Nest thermostat and GE link light bulbs. All these devices are able to connect to control through the wink app.In wink app, the supports the altitudes divided into many categories.

Not all the devices need the wink hub.

Devices, like thermostats, are connected to the internet by itself. The user can connect directly to the app without using the wink hub. Some devices like GE link bulbs required the hub operation on connect with the internet. The process to add a device is different to each product.

When the process will start the GE link bulbs should be turn off and unplugged.

The bulb setup should be in the range of the app. when the process is done with according directions, turn on the lights and start the features of home automation hub. Now the user can turn on and turn off the light using the wink app on their smartphone.

The user can control the brightness of the bulbs. Lights can be organized by the groups so that the user can organize by their floors or the rooms. This is the most convenient process to control the lights rather than moving or roaming floor to floor or room to room to monitor the lights individually. Not only this, the user has also the ability to create a shortcut within the app to carry out common tasks.

These shortcuts are connected to the devices which are monitoring by the wink app. the user can influence the power and thermostats in particular degrees.

The wink app is also compatible with the Androids and apple watch. So this shortcut can be triggered out by the watches as well. In the section of the app called robots, automated tasks can be created to control the usual devices. This section of the app, the user can fully automate his or her home allowing the wink hub to control the smart devices in the entire house without any user input.

The user can turn on or turn off the light even in the sunrises and sunsets.If a user already connected to the other devices earlier, than he or she can link their accounts to wink app putting all of the home automation devices in one place and allowing them to interact with each other.

One of the downsides of the current home automation technology is different products work with the different systems. In some cases, the leading branded devices need the purchase of bridge connector to combine the lights together since they cannot be controlled directly by using the wink hub.

One of the best reason to buy the home automation system is, it supports many devices rather than just a few specific ones. If the user purchases additional products, they can add these to the functionality system as a whole rather than having it in the multiple systems in apps.

The compatibility of the system is changing as the technology is incrementing very rapidly.
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