Taking the best care of our elders is the most respectful gift we can offer to those who have given so much. They deserve both physical and emotional care in the most comforting environment. One very friendly method of senior care is through the use of clinical aromatherapy. Below, we offer some helpful thoughts for incorporating aromatherapy into your own senior-care comfort plan.

Reduce Uncomfortable Symptoms

Aromatherapy plays a big role in holistic healing to help reduce various symptoms. Aromatherapy's holistic care also addresses more than just symptoms. It is a clean, natural and strategic methodology that addresses and supports the many levels of a body's health, responsiveness and healing. In turn, a wide range of symptoms can be reduced to more manageable levels, promoting increased well-being and overall health.

Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety

Senior care facilities often turn to anxiety-reducing assistance through the use of calming essential oils. Lavender, frankincense and bergamot blended together and gently massaged onto skin or infused for inhalation has been proven to help ease anxiety and encourage relaxation. There’s also something about being surrounded by pleasant aromas that creates the perfect environment for a clear mind. It can make seniors feel like they are being taken care of in a facility that goes above and beyond to make them comfortable.

Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Mild forms of depression can benefit with aromatherapy. The use of essential oils assists with harmonizing physiological, spiritual and psychological processes. When certain combinations of aromas are promoted, depression symptoms can lessen. Aroma therapy sessions are a wonderful way to complement the healing process of mild depression.

Wound Care

Keeping skin healthy can be a challenge in particular situations that may not allow for proper physical movement, routine dressing changes or other compromising skin health circumstances.

Frankincense and myrrh are two powerful essential oils used for healing wounds such as bed sores, dry or cracked skin and festering wounds on the skin or in the mouth. The soothing and healing properties are used in all kinds of skin care products today.

All essential oils used in aromatherapy should be carefully selected for appropriate application. Proper dilution and application is a safety factor and an added benefit for proper therapeutic skin care. Carrier oil such as coconut oil should be blended with any essential oil when applied to the skin. Fresh, organic essential oils are recommended.

Incorporating the use of aromatherapy for seniors in 24 nursing care center scenarios is increasing every day. Aroma therapy can be used alone or as a complement to existing medication requirements to help lift spirits, ease tension and promote higher levels of well-being for those who may be suffering from acute or chronic health conditions. It can be a simple and easy way to make a big difference in a senior’s nursing home experience. Always ask practicing aroma therapists about their experience with aromatherapy, including all sources of training and certification to ensure oils are used safely.

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