Most people, when they decide to start working from home will probably not consider their health, either physical or emotional or mental as being at the top of their priority list. Their focus is much more likely to be on the nature of their business, how they might balance work and family life and ultimately how they can make a decent living from the business.
Having some real clarity about the practicalities of working from home in terms of how it affects a person's health is really important. If someone is employed in what used to be termed a normal job, there is a clear physical as well as mental and emotional separation from the person's business life and their home life. This separation is normally enforced by a physical commute of some nature from the person's home to their place of business.
Working from home is a completely different scenario. It is really important that the individual is aware of the different boundaries that exist between work and home or play, and in response to whatever their own needs may be has a clear structure to separate out what these boundaries are.
A person's emotional and mental health issues are important irrespective of their business or work. Working from home raises particular challenges about the nature of an individual's attitude to themselves, their family, home and their work, and that because such issues are important, they set their own boundaries as far as they need to.
The first area that many people need to address is that of a physical environment. For Many people it is preferable to have a separate physical workplace within the home by way of a home office some other designated space. This is not always possible given the size of people's homes, but is an area that should be explored and addressed as needed.
The other main area where boundaries need to be set is between emotional and social lines. For many people, the blurring of these lines can be a good if a slightly impractical focus of their lives. There is a danger when doing any type of work from home that the individual can become quite isolated, even with, or sometimes because of the family environment within which they live.
It is a really good idea to have some clear separate focus of a social environment, which may be some type of social group that the individual belongs to, some type of social focus or hobby they enjoy doing. It may also well be some type of group where people who are working from home meet together in a nearby restaurant or bar once a month to share their experiences. There are also many online support groups which address the issues that people have when working from home.
Being able to work from home for many people is and should be a real freedom. Boundaries that need to set should be set in such a way as to enhance that freedom, not to limit it.

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Peter Main is freelance writer who has spent almost twenty years in the insurance industry, working at Lloyd's of London. He writes extensively about home insurance and also about the broader areas of personal finance, particularly about the most appropriate credit options offered by large companies, such as Honda, when purchasing their financial products.