Many people, when faced with the reality of working from home tend to approach it in quite a manic way, often with quite a high degree of burnout at some point either physical or mental. They may well be able to work with this burnout as they can adapt their home or family life accordingly.
When working in what is considered a more traditional job, there will normally be fairly clear boundaries about time working and time off. This can include when your day begins and ends, what days you work and what days you have off, and the number of hours you are expected to work during any given week or month.
The reality of working for someone else means that the extent to which these hours and boundaries are honoured depends to a large extent on the nature of the employer and to what extent they behave honourably, and what extent they try and exploit you in ways that gives them more productivity and value for money than they need to pay you for.
When someone starts working from home or running their own business from home the issue of time boundaries and day boundaries becomes incredibly difficult. For many people the very nature of working for yourself effectively means you have no time off. The need therefore to set some boundaries as to your own time and when you need to be responsive to other people's time becomes a really difficult challenge. Bear in mind that other people's time is not simply your customers time, but also the time that you want to spend with family or friends on some type of social environment. The need to give yourself breaks, both physical and social is really important.
The advent of the cellphone, now commonly referred to as a smart phone, as well as tablets, means that the mobility of an individual gives them a much greater flexibility as to where and how they work. If you are working for an employer, this often means that they have a much greater degree of control over you and your time than they did previously.
If you are working for yourself it can mean the same thing, or it can mean something completely different. It is amazing how many people believe there is some life law that means they can never turn off their smart phone, and that they have to be readily available to anyone who calls or sends an SMS whatever time of day or night. The reality of working for yourself, working from home means that you will need to address this at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. Learning to be in control of the various devices that can run your life is highly important and addresses a fundamental issue of personal/work life and boundaries that is essential in order to stabilise your peace of mind.

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Peter Main is freelance writer who has spent almost twenty years in the insurance industry, working at Lloyd's of London. He writes extensively about home insurance and also about the broader areas of personal finance, particularly about the most appropriate credit options offered by large companies, such as Honda, when purchasing their financial products.