One of the great things we love about the internet is that you don’t have to be an amazing painter or artist to create amazing home decor for your home. With just a few clicks, you can order custom canvas art decor that looks great and doesn’t break the bank. From abstract designs to stunning beach scenes and more, you can create and order prints that look professional and are completely custom.

When you’re ready to order home decor that you can be proud of from the comfort of your home, let us help. We’ve got some ideas to help you get inspiration so that you can create a masterpiece or two you’ll want to show off.

15 Home Decor Ideas For You Walls That You Will Love

Hopefully, the following list of home decor ideas that you can easily get printed on canvas will help inspire you this summer to transform your space.

Artsy Quote Canvas

Our first idea to inspire your home decor search and creation is an artsy quote on canvas. Find a quote that speaks to you and put it on a colorful background. Most canvas art is easy to hang and rearrange, and you can hang up your inspirational quote or favorite song lyric in any room of your house. 

Even just black text on an off white background is a beautiful and classy look that goes great in any home.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Graphics

Looking for a way to add modern art into your home? Graphics and abstract geometric patterns are a great way to do this. Consider off-white as a background and use any color that matches your current home decor theme. You can’t go wrong with random graphics on a simple background. Choose a print pattern that you already have in your home and try to match it to tie it all together.

Simple Metallic Prints

If you need a splash of color and class to your home, then you should consider incorporating gold or silver metal prints. Simple brush strokes with metallic prints make beautiful prints and can be simple yet elegant. Split a bold color half and a half with a metallic sheen for a unique twist on modern art.

Class Up Your Name or Monogram

If you’re struggling with subjects to order for your home decor, then go with something tried and true - your name! Whether you spread out the letters on multiple canvases or add your family monogram onto a simple and elegant backdrop. This could work in the living room or above the mantlepiece, or even in your kid’s rooms. 

Floral and Botanical Designs Go With Everything

Floral and botanical designs are some of the best subjects you could focus on when ordering canvas prints for your home decor. You’ll find a huge variety of colors and styles to perfectly match your current design style, or you can draw your own and then print them whatever size you want. 

Immortalized Your Trip Photos

We all have dozens of our favorite photos just trapped in our phones or displayed on social media, but why not display in our homes? It’s easy to order multiple small prints to create a little gallery wall of all of your favorite photos from all of your favorite adventures.

Similarly, any special event makes great subject matter for canvas prints. Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, big games, and more - whatever event you had a great time at, make it a lasting memory on your walls.

Themed For The Holidays

Maybe you already have a lot of great home decor options, and you’re looking for something to spruce up your home during the holiday season. Pumpkin themed paintings with “Give Thanks” or “Happy Halloween” in script lettering would be a great fall addition to your dining room. Maybe you go with green trees and red ribbon art for Christmas. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to holiday home decor.

Easily Order From Canvas Factory

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough inspiration to help your house feel a little more like home. We know that decorating your home can feel complicated and expensive, especially when it comes to home decor for your walls. Don’t waste your wall space because you don’t want to buy generic pieces - instead, let Canvas Factory help you create exactly the interior style you want.

Unique wall art is also considered a luxury because it can be expensive, but with us, you’re getting affordable canvas prints. Canvas paintings are simple yet effective decorations that can be customized according to your personal preferences. When you’re ready to dive in, let us help! Our online ordering and design system is simple and easy to use, and you can order multiple different canvases in one order.

Start by uploading your photo or favorite image to our website. Then choose the style, size, and shape of your canvas. Complete your order by processing your payment and choosing your shipping date. It’s as easy as that. Soon your photo canvas will be delivered right to your door. Order from anywhere in the U.S. and get your prints delivered fast!

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