When it comes to home décor, people like to think of it as a long term investment that need not change as fast as clothes. But this year, it is the year of new stunning trends setting camp in Home Décor and you will be more than ever in love with them!

Green is the new Black!

Elegant community is turning towards green. More indoor plants can be found in the living room than ever. Sophisticated logistic system around the world helps eCommerce players to make these plants available for you at your door step in matter of 24 hours. For example, you can buy bonsai tree online from Abana Homes and get the delivery next day.

Formal dining is the best

Formal dining is like a small reunion of the family every night after spending the day separately and god knows we need one of this right away. Formal dining is a way of bonding and keeping the family together. Hence, 2020 has a treat for us as it is bringing back formal dining rooms! A lot of people used to convert these to media rooms or offices. However, now more and more people are going to use them as dining rooms to much down some food with some crazy gossip sessions!

Mix n’ match

Even though all white kitchens may be still a huge hype with most people, more and more people are starting to realize that 2016 may be the year when things may start to change. People this year want to experiment and get out of having similar kitchens with friends and family. People are revolving towards this new trend of mismatched cabinets in the kitchen with a color that is very complementary to white and while that maybe any color at all, we thing that dark supple shades like chocolate brown, deep blue or a sultry maroon would blend perfectly.

Heated entryway floors

It can be annoying to step out from our snowy boots and onto the cold flooring of your house. Here we are, in 2016 to solve this problem and bring back the Christmas merriment. Heated Entryway floors are supposed to be a huge deal in 2016. Just imagine the heavenly feeling of stepping out of snow and stepping onto a toasty floor.

Master of the bathroom

2016 has been predicted to be a year with great new trends. This year, we think that statement bathroom mirrors are going to rock the home décor world. Those simple rectangular mirrors can do the job fine however, bring back a little statement to it can really change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bidet magic

Bidets aren’t that popular an item right now. However, they are starting to catch on along with new advanced technology. It can be said that this may be the 2016 home décor game changer for bathroom renovations.

Family time in the living room

With all the technology around, it is hard to even catch a glimpse of your kid actually looking away from a screen. This has had a huge impact on family time and the way families communicate and bond with each other. Therefore, more and more families are starting to opt for a living room that is absolutely tech free and helps in improving the quality of family time. Even though people still love having a huge TV and other tech in the living room, tech free living rooms can seem more vintage and give a warm vibe for guests and visitors.

Fireplaces: the centre of attention

Fireplaces have been in town for hundreds of years. However, 2016 is going to change the complete look of your living room. With all the gadgets in your living room gone, fireplaces have started to become the centre of stage for arranging your furniture. Even non-working fireplaces are in great hype and people have been making that the centre of attention ignoring the television this year.

Elegant bathrooms

Bathrooms have been always deemed to be the one place people can clutter and no one would complain. However, 2020 home décor trends are going to take away that privilege. We know that bathrooms with ottomans and flower vases have begun picking popularity in 2020. However, it’s not a trend that is going to end with the end of the year. It is predicted to gain even more popularity. Bathrooms with a vintage-modern design fusion in pastel colored back-grounds have been predicted to go huge this year.

Kitchen diversity

Kitchens this year are predicted to start becoming more diverse and have different kinds of things brought together to form a personalized look. People want their kitchens to feel more  warm and personalized and hence, they want to bring diverse things together and have an eclectic, vintage-y kind of feeling.

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