Getting out into the great outdoors should be part of your fitness plan. Going to your area park to walk or run the trails is a great way to get into shape. The fresh air just does something I cannot get at the gym. The air truly refreshing and feels like better oxygen when I am running outdoors.

Being outdoors doing your home fitness program is awesome. The stagnant air in the gym or your home makes doing your exercises outside more effective. Not sure if there has been a study on the effectiveness of running indoors vs. running outdoors. To me I feel better after a run outdoors vs. running indoors.

Doesn’t Seem As Long

A treadmill is boring and tedious , but walking or running the same time or distance outdoors the time goes by quickly. Probably due to the change of scenery. Indoors we only stare a mirror or wall, which is not fun. Staying at home and doing home fitness in your neighborhood or local park is better than going to a gym.

More Fitness Options

The summertime brings so many new options for doing home fitness. The most basic is do some type of workout in your backyard. The next is do ride a bike in the neighborhood, which is more enjoyable than the stationary bike at the gym.

I have found over the years I workout a lot more during the summer than the winter. This is not some Earth shattering news I discovered. Getting outdoors to do your fitness program can really help you lose weight. The reason is people usually spend more time exercising outdoors vs. doing your workout at the gym. If your goal is to lose weight then you need to get outside and just walk around the block.

Goal of Outdoor Fitness Programs

Becoming more physically fit and losing weight are the most popular reasons for doing fitness exercises in the first place. We cannot lose weight just by decreasing the amount we eat. Eating less is an important part, but doing some type of physically fitness. The fitness can be as simple as walking around your block. Getting outdoors is the important part, do not miss this point.

When I go the my local park I run a trail that is about 2 miles long. I still do the same type of workout I do at the gym. I do interval training where I run for one minute then walk the next. Interval training is training the heart how to increase its rate then lowering the heart rate back to a slow pace. Too many people miss forget that when we are doing our fitness program we are also training our heart muscle in addition to other muscles such as legs or arms.

Take It Slowly

As any fitness program you need to begin slowly if it has been a while since you last exercised. Building up your endurance takes time and does not happen overnight. In others words do not plan on running one or two miles if you have not done so in the last year.

Start slowly maybe run the equivalent of half a mile and walk the other half. Doing this type of workout will help you stay on your fitness program.

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