Glute workouts are some of the easiest workouts to do from home. All you need is a mat or any comfortable surface, a stopwatch, your fav gymwear and then you’re ready to go.  You don’t need to invest in any heavy equipment however resistance bands can be helpful in targeting specific areas of your body such as the glutes. The best thing about home workouts is that you can watch a bit of TV or listen to music while you’re doing it. You don’t have to suffer listening to that awful playlist blaring out at the gym.  The main thing you need is the commitment to do at least six minutes of bum workouts a day. So stick on your favorite leggings and get cracking with the glute exercises below:

  • Straight Leg Kickbacks is the most ideal workout to use resistance bands for as it strengthens and increases the size of your glutes. To perform this exercise, kneel down on the mat with your hands stretched out in front of you. Have your knees on a 90-degree angle and then raise your leg and push it out in the air. Donkey kicks can also be a good alternative as it provides more of a push as you take your leg horizontally in the air.
  • For Glute Bridges turn around and lay down on your back and contract your hip until it’s off the floor and hold briefly in the air. You should push through your heals for the best results. This exercise should be done slowly. You can also do leg extensions while you are in the air to additionally work your core. Other variations include a Glute Bridge hold in which you hold your butt in the air for 30 seconds or maybe even a whole minute if you can handle the burn in your butt.
  • Squats are the most popular way for exercising the glutes. Start by bending your hips while your back keeps as straight as possible yet your bum remains sticking out. Your core should be engaged throughout you’ll know this when your ribs feel a slight expansion to the sides.
  • Side Leg Kicks offer a great butt and leg workout. They involve raising your leg and swinging it from left to right in unison with your hips

With all these workouts it’s important to do them in a slow and controlled manner. It’s very much quality over quantity while doing your glute workout. Tom Daley has a great workout series on his Youtube channel consisting of 30 seconds for each exercise with 10 seconds rest in between. He’s also created new workout videos while in quarantine. The best thing to do is mix and match the exercises to suit what you want to work on as well as to prevent boredom from doing the same workouts constantly. You stick to this routine and hopefully you can show off your sculptured and toned butt when you’re out and about once quarantine is over.

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