Homeowners have many reasons why they choose to conduct a home inspection. Sometimes it is out of caution while other time it is a necessity. Columbus Ohio home inspection rules require that every homeowner get a licensed inspector when they are looking to put sell their home.
A home inspection is essential because it points out all the areas in the house that require repair, replacement, potential health risks and much more. A comprehensive home inspection will take time since there are many areas to check in a home. Some of the primary areas of review include:
1. Radon testing
Radon is one of the biggest hazards in homes, and since it is a naturally occurring gas, there is no way of preventing its occurrence. It is therefore prudent for homeowners to have their homes tested for radon regularly.
High levels of this gas can prove harmful to your health causing both short and long term problems. Columbus, Ohio Home inspection exercises, include radon testing. A regular radon gas check for homes is required. There are test kits available to help people test for the gas in their houses. When the result from the equipment indicates that the radon level in your home is 4 or more, it is time to take action.
A test kit is not very expensive; many people can afford it. They are available in stores and online. Having an in depth test from a lab will cost slightly more but it gives more details on the level of radon in the house, and it is a long term test. The test kits provide short term results.
2. Termite inspection
In every home inspection exercise, it is prudent to ensure that these devastating pests are not in your house. Termite control is an important part of the review process because it could save you from a lot of damage. It is known to everyone that termites eat through anything they find.
In the past, people with brick houses did not consider termites a threat, but they have come to realize that no one is safe. A regular termite inspection even when you are not selling your home helps you stay ahead of the pests and devise ways of eradicating them.
3. Pool inspection
Murky pools are a health and safety risk. Your pool is an attraction for all kinds of bacteria and fungi if not carefully treated and maintained. A pool inspection is one of the many Columbus Ohio home inspection routines.
A pool inspection aims to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria in your water, the levels of chlorine treating the water are safe and that your pool is clean and not slimy. A muddy pool can easily cause accidents especially if the steps to the pool are slippery from dirt.

Other critical areas of inspection include:
I. The state of the roof
II. Mold inspection
III. Moisture levels in the house
IV. Carbon monoxide levels
V. Electrical Safety

Home owners should hold home inspections in high regard since they help point out problems and make it easy to fix that problem. Home inspections also uncover any health risks that the house poses and helps you stay safe and healthy

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