Even though smartphones and tablets are taking the world by storm, some home inspectors are still not ready to give up their age-old inspection report procedures. They are still happily providing their handwritten reports, which is quite understandable but can also be a headache at the same time.

There’s nothing with following the old-fashioned process, but if you’re a prospective home buyer and want more from your home inspection report, then you can ask the home inspector to provide you with the below-mentioned additional elements.

Additional Elements Of Home Inspection To Ask For When Your Home Inspector Provides You Only With A Handwritten Report

Provide Photos

One of the significant advantages of using digital home inspection reports is the ability to insert photos from smartphones or cameras easily. So, if your home inspector is providing you with a handwritten report, then it would be prudent to ask for the photos separately.

Professional home inspection in Boerne TX states that you can opt for digital photos via email from your home inspector in such cases, once you've received the handwritten report. Such a procedure will provide you with immense peace of mind because no matter how comprehensive the notes of the home inspector turn out to be, seeing real-life photos before your eyes will always turn out to be a different experience altogether.

Ensure The Report Is Easy To Comprehend

It doesn’t matter whether the home inspection report is handwritten or digital because at the end of the heyday, if the report is not understandable to you, then it will be of no use. So, ensure that the inspection report that you’re obtaining from the home inspector is simple & intuitive (including various home inspection terms).

In case you find the handwritten report to be difficult to understand, be sure to ask the home inspector to simplify it for you. Moreover, the handwriting of the home inspector should also be perfectly legible to you.

Report Should Be To The Point

As a prospective home buyer, you need to have the home inspection report to be extremely to the point without much pondering over technical jargons. Like you, many other buyers don't like the technicalities of a report, because these technical details only matter to the home inspector - not the usual consumers.

Having ideal clarity is a key component of any home inspection report. However, ensure that the report isn't too short that it glosses over some of the most essential aspects of the home inspection process. A balance must be maintained between attention to detail & intuitiveness.

Having said that, in case you’re planning to hire some of the best professional home inspectors around you, be sure to give us a call. We are always here to assist you.

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