Pasta is one of the traditional Italian cuisines. It is basically a type of noodle which is available in a variety of shapes and sizes in the market. Pasta is now consumed by people all over the world. Preparing pasta at home requires a little effort but not much. One can make it for lunch as well as dinner for a change or else if you can surprise your kid by inviting his/her friends to a get together and serve home - made pasta. As the season of love is arriving, here is an easy pasta recipe for you so that you may make 14th February more special with your handmade pasta for your loved one.

The ingredients you'll be requiring are -

Pasta - 1 whole packet

Fresh Milk - 2 Liters

Fresh Cream - a cupful

Cheese Cubes - 6 cubes grated

Red Bell Pepper - 1 chopped

Yellow Bell Pepper - 1 chopped

Green Capsicum - 1 chopped

Sweet Corn - A cupful and boiled

Onion - 2 large and chopped

Garlic - 1 chopped

Fresh Mushrooms - 100 grams, boiled and cut into pieces

Oregano - 4 tablespoons

Chili Flakes - According to taste

Salt - According to taste

Vegetable/ Virgin olive oil - 4 tablespoon

Cooking Time -30-40 minutes

Cooking Process -

Cut the packet of pasta and empty the entire content into a pan filled with warm water. Add a little salt and few drops of oil into it so that the pastas do not stick to each other. When the pastas become tender, drain the water then add cold water and few drops of oil to it and keep aside.

Now heat the oil in a deep skillet and fry the chopped onions and garlic. Keep the flame medium. While frying, add a pinch of salt to them. When the onions turn golden, turn the flame lower and slowly add the milk and stir simultaneously. When the milk warms, add the grated cheese and then the fresh cream one by one with continuous stirring (it must be noted that sometimes while adding cream in into the milk, there remains a chance of the milk getting destroyed so always use fresh cream). Let the milk simmer for some time. When the milk is thick, add the pastas after draining the water. Then add the bell peppers, capsicum, sweet corn and mushroom one by one. Turn the flame to medium again and keep on stirring the mixture. You may also add some salt if required. When it gets cooked, switch off the flame. Now add the oregano and the chilly flakes and mix it well. And there you go, the pasta is ready to be served.

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