Yoga originated in India is a Sanskrit word which means union. It was a meditation practice used in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Yoga is the use several posture and berating techniques to improve strength and bring relaxation. Over the years, medical studies have declared it as on of the best activities whose benefits surpasses many other. With much different kind ranging from gentle Hatha to strenuous Bikram yoga and power yoga the health benefits from practicing yoga are numerous. Some of the health tips that keep a person who does yoga include:
Effects on joints, bones and muscles
The benefits that one can attain by performing physical yoga are numerous and almost uncountable. It makes the body strong and various postures help to gain control over your muscles. Its several different positions help to strengthen hands; abdominal etc. controlled breathing and stretching help increase flexibility and is very effective to treat arthritis. The strenuous forms of yoga help to increase endurance and improve core strength while the gentle one like Hatha helps to eradicate chronic pains.
It can help to improve bone density and is considered very effective in treating and healing strain injuries like hamstring injury, back injuries etc, but consulting a doctor before using it as a treatment is very important and is considered to be one of the best health tips to keep a person fit and fine.
Benefits to cardiovascular system
Cardiovascular diseases are the most dangerous one and are leading cause of death among men and women. Yoga strengthens your heart providing you protection against such diseases.
The gentle form of yoga like Hatha helps to reduce blood pressure, and the power of control breathing helps the blood to flow evenly throughout the body. Hypertension and its effects can be subsided by the use of yoga as it can help you to lower the heart rate and control your blood pressure. Power yoga on the other hand helps to strengthen core muscles and helps oxygen to flow evenly within the body. Some practitioners do claim that Yoga can help to reduce cholesterol level in the body.
Mental health
A healthy brain is very important because it is the power house which controls all the activities of the body so for a body to perform its functions correctly brain must be in very good condition. Yoga helps to maintain the condition of the brain and enhance mental health by helping the person to relax, this reduces stress and anxiety the major causes of depression and stress and refreshes your brain up so you can fully concentrate on your work throughout the day. Acute anxiety, ADD and hyper activity can be treated with yoga as it helps the nerves to relax and get calm by controlled breathing techniques...
Other benefits:
Yoga can help the person to get rid on insomnia, migraines and tension headaches. It can help to reduce the symptoms of auto immune diseases like fatigue and stiffness. Yoga can help the body to maintain the supply of oxygen it boosts antioxidants that develops stronger immune system. It can serve to reduce cholesterol and burning of calories helping you to loose weight and look smarter. Hence all such are some of the great health tips that one can avail by practicing yoga on daily basis.

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