Everybody wishes to have luxurious black hair, for it is a mark of health and youth. Graying of hair is inevitable for both man and woman at a certain point of time. As one ages, hair grays out and there is nothing unusual about it. But premature graying is something which most people dread. For some people, hair starts to gray at quite an early age, say 20's or 30's. Such early onset of gray hairs is referred to as premature graying. Untimely graying or premature graying makes a person look more than his or her years, and may be quite upsetting. Hair gets its black color from the pigment melanin, produced by certain cells in our hair follicle. The melanin producing cells are called melanocytes. The darkness of hair depends on the amount of melanin produced. The more the melanin is, the darker would be the hair.

When melanocytes stop producing melanin, the hair loses its blackness; the color fades out making the hair transparent. Actually the absence of melanin makes the hair transparent; but the transparent hair in the midst of black hairs, appears to be gray in color. There's a fallacy regarding gray hair that if you pluck one gray hair, you will get two more. There is no truth in it. Gray hair cannot hold color or dye for long, because absence of melanin makes it resistant to dye or color. Graying of hair is a gradual process. It does not occur overnight. The factors causing black hair to turn gray untimely may be listed as follows:

1. Heredity
2. Impoverishment
3. Nutritional deficiency (Vitamin B12 deficiency, copper, iron and iodine deficiencies).
4. Thyroid malfunctioning
5. Mental tension, worry and anxiety
6. Hormonal imbalance
7. Excessive caffeine intake
8. Excessive alcohol
9. Smoking
10. Excessive use of synthetic products
11. Use of dryers
12. Exposure to chemical pollutants
13. Constipation
14. Exposure to heat and sun.

Home Remedies

1. Put some curry leaves in coconut oil. Boil it for some time. Strain the oil and massage on scalp and hair. This will make your hair black. Also include curry leaves generously in diet.

2. Eat sesame seeds regularly and apply its oil on head. This will give you black hair.

3. Cut Indian gooseberry in to pieces. Dry them and grind the pieces to powder. Mix the powder with coconut oil and apply on hair. This checks graying and makes your hair raven black.

4. Massage scalp twice daily with cow milk butter. This stimulates melanocytes and increases melanin production.

5. Mix 1 teaspoon Indian gooseberry juice, 1 teaspoon almond oil and few drops of lime juice. Apply on scalp and hair and keep overnight. Wash off in the morning. This remedy will inhibit the graying process, making your hair black.

6. Have a bowl of the mixture of 1 liter yoghurt and 1 tablespoon yeast daily before meals. This stops graying and induces the growth of black hair.

7. Cut ribbed gourd in to pieces and dry them in sun. Immerse the pieces in coconut oil for 3-4 hours. Then boil the mixture until a blackish residue is left. Rub the residue on hair and scalp. This will lend your hair, a natural black color.

8. Apply onion paste on scalp regularly. This will help you to get black hair.

9. Drink wheat grass juice daily to have glossy, black hair.

10. Grind margosa seeds in to a paste and apply on scalp. Also wash hair with the water in which margosa leaves have been boiled. This is a beneficial treatment for getting black hair.

11. Drink carrot juice daily to keep your hair black.

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