Chilblains can be defined as occurrence of small, itchy, and blue or red colored swellings on toes. But, it can affect the finger, nose and face also. This disorder is more offensive during winter season. And, the home remedies for chilblains can effectually treat this condition. Moreover, this disorder occurs after exposure to cold temperature for long time. In addition, the humid conditions along with cold temperature may worsen the problem. This disorder is also known as perniosis. In the condition of perniosis, acral ulcers occur due to damage of capillary beds present underneath the skin. Moreover, the continuous occurrence of permiosis may be due to connective tissue disorder. The home remedies for chilblains will help to get rid of the problem but, it will also prevent the reoccurrence.

There are many symptoms for perniosis, but ulceration of toes is the prime sign to indicate the presence of this disorder. Also, a person may suffer from red nose and skin redness while winters. In addition, inflammation of the toe skin, and inflammation on finger skin may be caused due to this disorder. In many cases it is found that a person's earlobe gets inflamed while suffering from this disorder. The home remedies for chilblains can effectively treat all the signs and symptoms of this disorder. Nevertheless, when perniosis is under treatment, it gets healed within 7 to 14 days.

The home remedies for chilblains are indeed very effective, but preventions are also necessary for fast treatment and to prevent reoccurrence. Firstly, it is advised to avoid rapid changes in temperature because it may affect the circulatory system very badly. Secondly, during winters always wear gloves and socks to keep the fingers and toes warm. Also, it is advised to avoid tight fitting socks and shoes because perspiration may worsen the problem. Thirdly, one can place cotton wool between toes for proper circulation of blood. The above mentioned preventions will help to prevent occurrence of perniosis.

Along with home remedies for chilblains, it is advised to avoid too spicy, too oily and preserved food. The healthy diet is the most preferable diet during winters. In addition, one can include seasonal green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, dry fruits, jaggery in the diet during winters. Also, it is advised to avoid sedentary lifestyle; in case you are in a profession, in which you have to perform sedentary works, develop habit of exercising for one hour. In addition, avoid drinking alcohol before going out in the snow. There are some effective home remedies for chilblains which may prove to be helpful.

1. Take three parts of prickly ash bark, three parts of hawthorn berries, and mix them with one part of ginger. Boil this mixture in one cup of water for 15 minutes. Strain the herbs, and drink the solution, thrice daily.

2. Take few grounded black peppercorns and fry them in one tablespoon of sesame seed oil. Filter the solution, and while it is warm massage the affected areas of the body. Do not use it on bruised or abraded skin.

3. Take one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of glycerin, one tablespoon of egg white, and one tablespoon of whole meal flour. Mix them thoroughly to form paste. Apply it on the affected areas, and leave it overnight.

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