Many people suffer from dry cracked hands these days, and home remedies for cracked hands may prevent people from suffering further more. Also, there are many peoples who enjoy soft and supple skin of hands but, the majority of the people has to deal with cracked hands every once in a while. Moreover, the skin of the hands gets cracked due to the dryness which may occur due to many reasons, for instance cold weather. But, the home remedies for cracked hands are effective in treating this painful condition.

As mentioned before, there are many reasons which may cause the skin of the hands to crack. Moreover, the prime reason for dryness in the skin is continual contact with hot water, and prolonged exposure to hot water may cause cracked skin to bleed. The dried skin of hands may crack, and in severe cases the cracks may open deeply, which may cause infection also. In such times when a person seeks for some effective ways to solve his problem, the home remedies for cracked hands serve the need of the person. If the heels get cracked one may hide them, but one cannot hide his cracked hands. The quickest way to treat this condition is to prevent the skin from getting dried. There are many home remedies for cracked hands but, the most effective remedies are mentioned ahead.

1. Grind 1 cup of uncooked oats into fine powder. Gently massage your hands with this powder to remove dead skin cells. Rinse hands after massaging and pat dry them. Apply a thin layer of hand cream; and after couple of minutes reapply hand cream to soften skin.

2. Keeping the air in the room moisturized will help the skin to regain its moisture. Use a humidifier while you are sleeping.

3. Use white cotton gloves while doing routine household works such as cleaning cup boards. Wearing cotton gloves will help to reduce friction against skin. The cotton helps to collect the excess moisture as well as it helps the skin to breathe.

4. Add some soda bicarbonate in a bowl of warm water. Soak your hands in the water for 10 minutes. It will soften the skin as well as it will help to reduce itching. Rinse hands thoroughly, and apply petroleum jelly.

5. Every night before going to bed, massage the dried skin of hands with olive oil. The active ingredients of olive oil will retain the lost moisture, and it will also prevent the growth of microbes in the cracks.

The above mentioned home remedies for cracked hands are simple and effective, but preventions are also very important to prevent reoccurrence. Firstly, avoid using harsh soaps and shampoos because the chemicals may steal the moisture of the skin. Secondly, to be hygienic is good but avoid washing hands excessively because the microbes can easily grow in the cracked skin. Thirdly, use cotton gloves while performing household works. In conclusion, the home remedies for cracked hands are quite effective in treating the condition, but awareness and prevention will help to heal quickly. In addition, the reoccurrence of the problem can also be prevented when one is aware. The above mentioned home remedies for cracked hands, and preventions will help a person to enjoy soft and supple skin of hands.

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