Nearly 32 percent of people suffer from dry mouth, which is medically recognized as xerostomia. In addition, the 45 percent of elderly people, who are more that 65 years of age suffers from dryness in the mouth. There are some home remedies for dry mouth which can help to resolve this irritating problem. Moreover, nearly every person faces this condition at least once in their life. A person may feel dryness in his mouth when he is very happy, too tensed, or under stress. But, when this condition persists for longer time period it may prove to be problematic, because it may lead to some mouth and throat problems. Also, it may affect the digestion. The home remedies for dry mouth will help a person to prevent him from any further problematic conditions.

Saliva is very important because it keeps the mouth wet. In addition, it helps in digestion of food, controls growth of bacteria and fungi in mouth, and it acts as enamel to prevent teeth from decaying. Also, it helps us to chew and swallow foods. The home remedies for dry mouth may increase the production of precious saliva. Moreover, there are many causes that may affect the production of saliva. Firstly, the production of saliva may decrease due to some drugs, for example antacids, antidepressants, decongestant, diuretics and antihypertensives. Secondly, few underlying disease may also lead to hyposalivation, for example sjogren's syndrome, diabetes and Lambert-Eaton syndrome. Others include anxiety, alcohol, cigarettes and dehydration. The home remedies for dry mouth will prove to be helpful in getting rid of hyposalivation.

1. Chewing a sugar less chewing gum is most effective.

2. Try to breathe through nose. Many people breathe through mouth due to which the mouth dries off.

3. In a glass of warm water, add half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Gargle with this mixture every morning.

4. Eating celery sticks will not only wet you mouth, but it will also help to hydrate your body.

5. Prepare a mouthwash by soaking aniseed, mint leaves and rosemary in water overnight. Before gargling strain the water.

6. Soak fennel seeds and aniseeds in water overnight. Every morning, gargle after straining the water.

7. The instant remedy is to suck a lemon. It will stimulate the salivary glands.

In conclusion, indeed above mentioned home remedies for dry mouth is very effective. But, the most effective way to treat this condition permanently is to know about the cause of the problem. It is advised to consult your physician to find out about any medicine you use is causing this problem, or to diagnose any underlying disease. In addition, it is recommended to avoid alcoholic, carbonated and caffeine based beverages. Nevertheless, smoking is also responsible for this condition, so it is advised to quit smoking. Moreover, drinking lot of water and fruit juices is recommended to avoid dehydration. In addition, do not allow yourself to be nervous or panicky. Also, find some effective measures to reduce stress level. The mentioned home remedies for dry mouth will work better when they will be paired with the above mentioned simple recommendations.

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