Repeated seizures or fits caused due to nervous disorder is known as epilepsy. There are certain factors which can cause epilepsy such as circulatory disorders, heredity influences, injury or shock to the brain, strained nervous condition and damage of brain cells. Some of the common symptoms of epilepsy may include petit mal, grand mal, sudden attacks and sudden shivering.

Epilepsy Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for epilepsy which are simple and are quite safe to use without any risk of side effects. Some of the popular home remedies for epilepsy which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

1. One of the most effective home remedies for epilepsy is the use of milk. All you need to do is take half cup of milk and half cup of water. Mix them together and boil this mixture and then add four crushed garlic cloves in it. Continue boiling this mixture until only half of the original content is left and then allow it to cool down a little bit. Drink it warm.

2. Tulsi flowers can also be very helpful in treating epilepsy. All you need to do is put some tulsi flowers inside your handkerchief and smell the flowers deeply during attacks.

3. Brahmi leaves are equally beneficial in treating epilepsy. All you need to do is take some fresh brahmi leaves and then chew them. Chew them for a while and then drink water. This natural home remedy will control seizures. This is one of the most effective home remedies for epilepsy.

4. Make it a daily habit to sleep properly. Inadequate sleep can cause seizures therefore try to sleep seven to eight hours every day.

5. Mud packs can also be very beneficial in treating epilepsy. All you have to do is apply mud packs on the abdomen region two times in a day. This home remedy will remove epileptic conditions.

6. Valerian is an herb which can be used to treat epilepsy. Just boil 250 ml of water and then add fifteen grams of valerian in it. Allow this infusion to cool down and then consume it three times in a day for good results.

7. Consuming a glass of ash gourd juice two times in a day is very helpful for quick healing.

8. Grape juice is very helpful in curing this disease. All you have to do is drink 500 ml of grape juice three times in a day for the next three months. This remedy will give relief from the symptoms and will help in curing the disease.

9. Take 300 ml of carrot juice, 100 ml of cucumber juice and 100 ml of beet juice and then mix them together. Consume this mixture on daily basis for good results.

10. Vitamin B6 is very helpful in treating epilepsy quickly. Consume food sources rich in vitamin B6 such as milk, rice, legumes, cereals, peanuts, carrots and green leafy vegetables.

The above mentioned home remedies for epilepsy are some of the most effective and popular natural remedies which are simple, cost-effective and safe to use.

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