High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a silent killer which has affected many people throughout the world. Contraction of arteries which supply blood causes high BP in an individual. There are certain factors which can cause high BP such as stress, hereditary predisposition, alcohol abuse, excessive consumption of salt and caffeine, obesity and lack of exercise. Some of the common symptoms of high BP may include pain in back of neck and head, palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, breathing difficulty, frequent urination, pain and nervous tension.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for high BP which are simple to use and are quite safe to try at home without any risk of side effects. Some of the popular home remedies for high blood pressure which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

1. One of the most effective home remedies for high BP is the use of alfalfa. It helps in lowering the blood pressure, reduces tension in the arteries and softens hard arteries.

2. Garlic is considered to be one of the most efficient home remedies for high BP. It has antispasmodic properties and reduces pressure in the arteries. You can consume couple of raw garlic cloves on daily basis.

3. Celery is also very beneficial in treating high blood pressure. It regulates blood pressure by diluting the muscle lining of the arteries. All you need to do is consume celery on daily basis during your lunch time for good results.

4. Take 100 gm of poppy seeds and 100 gm of melon seeds. Make them into a fine powder and then mix them together. You can consume one teaspoon of this powdered mixture with water every morning and evening.

5. Brown rice, brown sugar and brown bread are also very helpful in treating high BP. You can consume them on daily basis for better results.

6. Honey is also very helpful in treating this ailment. All you have to do is take one teaspoon of onion juice or gooseberry juice with honey on empty stomach.

7. Lemon is known to have vitamin P which is very helpful in preventing capillary fragility. It controls high blood pressure and can be consumed on daily basis.

8. Spinach and carrot juice are very useful in treating this ailment. Extract some carrot and spinach juice and mix them together. Drink a glass of this mixture every day for good results.

9. Black seed oil is very helpful in controlling high blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. All you need to do is consume one teaspoon of black seed oil every day to reduce high blood pressure.

10. Take twenty five to thirty curry leaves and make a juice out of it with one cup of water. Strain this mixture and add lime juice for flavor. Drink this mixture every morning.

11. Avoid fried foods and fats. Consume salt less food.

The above mentioned home remedies for high blood pressure are quite safe to use and can be tried at home with ease.

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