Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, is a form of arthritis that occurs in the children who are under 17 years of age. It is one of the most common type of arthritis in children that may cause serious complications for the rest of their life, if left untreated.

The symptoms of Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis generally last for six weeks, but in some children, symptoms may last for few months. Pain, inflammation and stiffness in the joints are some of the most common symptoms of this type of arthritis.

No doubt, medications are there to treat this joint problem, we can do a lot at home in managing this disorder. Here are some home remedies that can help a child to lead a normal life, manage symptoms as well as prevent complications.

Exercise: A range of motion exercise can help a child to maintain joint range and strength of the muscles. In fact, these exercises can prevent contractures.

Balance between rest and activity: A child suffering from this type of arthritis may need extra naps to rest the joints and regain strength. Avoid too much rest as this may lead to weakness in unused muscles.

Assistive devices: There are some assistive devices such as Velcro fasteners and enlarged handles, which can help a child to do things easily. A Child should be given lightweight toys to play.

Take your medicines at proper time: An older child may find it little easy to take medicines at the proper time, but in case of infants or children who are young enough, parents should take care of their medicine schedule.


Here are some ways that can be done at home in order to manage the stiffness in the joints.

Apply heat to Joints: Applying heat to painful and stiffer joints can help a lot to manage the stiffness in the joints. Hot water bottles can be used for this process or you can make hot packs by dipping a towel in warm water. Even you can microwave wet towels for about 30 seconds.

Always make sure that this hot water pack is not too hot. A cloth should always be placed between hot pack and the skin of the child. Avoid the usage of this pack if your child’s skin is red and warm.

Keep Joints warm: Children suffering from Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis mostly have less stiffness in the morning, if joints are kept warm during the night. In order to keep joints warm, try warm clothes such as try footed pajamas, thermal clothes, a sleeping bag, an electric blanket or heated water bed.

Take warm bath: A child should be given a warm bath in the morning. Warm bath can help a child to ease the stiffness in the joints. And after taking bath, a child should be given gentle stretch.

Take Morning medicines on time: A child should be given breakfast as early as possible in order to prevent upsetting of the stomach. And after breakfast, medicines should be given.

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