If you have been suffering from lower back pain, it might be time to visit a chiropractor to help get you adjusted. If the pain is chronic, medication may be required either short term or long term. If you have recently injured your lower back, here some ways to relieve your lower back pain before you visit a chiropractor. For a more detailed explanation of lower back pain, or to learn more about chiropractic care, you can visit https://elledgechiropractic.com

Because lower back pain can literally be a pain and a distraction, it's important that you address the problem before it gets worse. There are some proactive approaches that can be taken to buy you temporary relief and possibly permanent relief if the injury is not severe.

Anti-Inflammatory For Temporary Pain Relief

You can start with a common household item like Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Most adults experience back pain at least once in their life, those that have office jobs may find that sitting for hours causes lower back pain, while others that may have a more active occupation may find that standing for long hours can cause similar pain. Temporary relief can be found by taking an anti-inflammatory. Your back supports the weight of your upper torso, and both standing and sitting require the back to strong and supportive of your weight. 

Exercising More Frequently

This may seem ridiculous if your lower back is hurting, but it's a solution that many don't consider when the pain begins to bother them. Getting up out of your desk, off the couch, or out of your chair and walking can really get the muscles moving and stretched out. Stretching, in general, is a great way to loosen tense muscles. Working out and partaking in exercise routines like Yoga and Pilates has proven to be effective ways to stretch the back out and find relief. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins which can act as natural pain killers for the body. Continuing with a consistent exercise routine is a great way to take a preventative approach to avoid lower back pain.

Ice Packs And Heating Pads

If you strain your lower back, it's a good idea to apply an ice pack immediately after the injury happens. Strain and agitated muscle fibers will become inflamed and a cold ice pack applied directly to the injury with reducing inflammation. The cold pack can also shock the muscle and provide a numbing effect that is also a means of pain relief. Ice cold pack should only be used for 15-20 minutes at a time, take breaks between applying the packs and use a cloth to avoid frostbite.

If the injury is ongoing, applying a heating pad can also provide relief. There are microwavable rice packs available, and electric heating pads that work in this situation. Monitor temperatures to avoid burns and injuries.

Thorough Stretching Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

Stretching is just for us, watch an animal wake in the morning. As domesticated pets, both dogs and cats will thoroughly stretch after waking to get the blood flowing and the body moving. People should do the same after they wake. Take 15-20 minutes every morning to stretch your body as a preventive way to avoid lower back injuries. If you sit for hours in an office environment, take time every hour to stand and stretch for 5 minutes. This will help keep the muscles loose and the blood flowing.

Pain Relief Cream Applications

If you are fortunate enough to have someone near apply a pain relief cream, this is a great way to get a fast acting ointment applied directly to the injury. Look for creams that contain capsaicin, this is a compound that occurs naturally in chili peppers and can provide pain relief when efficiently rugged into the skin. Menthol based creams can also be used in moderation. Read the instructions carefully when applying any topical cream ointments to your skin.

Orthodox Inserts

Your daily shoes may not be providing the arch support needed for your body to function properly. Seeing a doctor to get medically prescribed orthodox can help with lower back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and arch support. If your occupation requires you to walk frequently throughout the day, you should consider orthodox inserts for your shoes.

Ergonomically Fitted Workstations In The Office

Sitting all day slouched in an office chair can cause serious back pain. Fortunately, furniture makers have answered the call and have built ergonomically efficient desks. These desks can lift so the user can stand, as well as lower so they can sit. By splitting your workday up into segments of standing and sitting, you will decrease your chances of chronic lower back pain.

Get More Rest And Invest In A Mattress

So many of us sleep on lousy mattresses that it's no wonder we have communities of individuals suffering from lower back pain. Sleeping in awkward positions for long durations of time can really impact the spine and lower back. By investing in a quality mattress, a quality pillow to support your neck, and getting more sleep, you can increase your chances of avoiding lower back pain on a daily basis. 

Lower Your Stress Levels

Through proper diet and exercise, you can lower your stress levels. Living a happy life can keep the tension out of your back and neck. The tension caused by stress can cause your back to knot up and even trigger muscle spasms in the lower and mid back. When feeling stressed, exercise is a great natural stress reliever. Take a walk, burn some energy, and then return to what you were doing. You will find that walking not only stretches the lower back muscles but helps to calm the body and reduce tension. Breathing properly while exercising also helps calm the nerves.

Visiting Your Local Chiropractor For Relief

If you have been battling lower back pain, have tried to relieve yourself of this pain without success, it might be time to visit a chiropractor about your issue. Chronic back pain affects millions of Americans every year, and yet very few take the initiative to visit a chiropractor and get it resolved. Try some of these over the counter solutions, home remedies, and stretching techniques. If you find that nothing is working for you, seek help immediately.


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