A condition in which there are deteriorative changes in facet joints and inter-vertebral discs which cause pain in the lower portion of the back is known as lumbar spondylitis. There are certain factors which can cause lumbar spondylitis such as aging, injury, slippage of vertebra, chemical and biological changes which cause the deterioration of the tissues all over the body. Some of the common symptoms of lumbar spondylitis are heaviness or stress in foot, legs and back, tingling, muscle spasms and pain.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for lumbar spondylitis which are simple and are quite safe to use without ant risk of side effects. Some of the popular home remedies for lumbar spondylitis which are being used since a very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

1. One of the effective home remedies for lumbar spondylitis is to do stretch band exercise on daily basis. All you need to do is take one end of the band in right hand and other end under the right foot. Now stretch this band until it reaches to the height of the shoulder. Repeat this process ten times and then use your left foot and left hand to do this stretching exercise. It is best to do this set five times.

2. Another effective home remedy is to use cold or hot packs on the affected region of your body. It increases the blood circulation and improves the elasticity of the affected area. Warm mustard oil is very effective in reducing the pain. This will give you instant relief from the pain and will make you feel better.

3. Yoga is also very helpful in treating lumbar spondylitis. Yoga postures such as bhujangasana and shalabhasana help in giving strength and flexibility to the lower back ligaments and muscles.

4. It is better to quit smoking and do not lift heavy weights which can put strain on the affected region of your body.

5. Standing stretch is also very effective in treating lumbar spondylitis. All you have to do is stand eighteen inch away from the wall and put your hands at shoulder height on the wall. Now keep your right foot ahead of left foot and then bend your elbows till your chin is just at three inches distance from the wall. Try coming back to the original position slowly. Repeat this exercise ten times and then do the same exercise by putting your left foot ahead of right foot. This is one of the most effective home remedies for lumbar spondylitis.

6. It is very effective to sleep on a hard bed with a thin mattress on it. You can even use metal braces or supports to reduce discomfort and pain while doing your daily chores.

7. Lumbar stretch is a very beneficial exercise for lumbar spondylitis. It will give you relief from the pain by improving the elasticity of lumbar ligaments. All you need to do is lie down on your back and place your hands to the level of your hips. Now bend your knees at 45 degrees and with the help of your buttocks and hands lift the upper part and wait for three seconds. Come back to the original position and repeat this same process ten times.

These were some of the most effective home remedies for lumbar spondylitis which are simple, cost-effective and simple to use.

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