Noisy breathing during sleep which is caused by the vibration of soft palate is known as snoring. The vibration of fleshy piece between the tonsils which happens with each breath creates a sound of snoring. Snoring can interfere with the sleep of others and sometimes can create a nuisance. There are many effective home remedies for snoring which are 100% natural, safe and effective.

One of the simple home remedies for snoring is to change your sleep positions. Use pillows to make it comfortable to keep your neck straight and avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime.

Being overweight can be one of the major reasons for snoring. Since excess fat around the neck and chest exert pressure on the muscles which control breathing. And this results into snoring. Therefore it is a good idea to lose some weight by the means of jogging, walking and stretching exercises. These exercises will tone your muscles and prevent respiratory tract congestion. Making exercise you daily routine can prove to be one of the most effective home remedies for snoring.

Smoking increases the chances of snoring since it causes irritation of the membranes in throat and nose which results in the airways getting blocked. Do not consume dairy products in the evening since it will cause mucus build-up in throat and contribute towards snoring process. Stop eating heavy meals before your sleep. Avoid caffeine rich drinks such as tea or coffee before going to bed.

Clean your nasal passage just before going to sleep by the means of nasal sprays. It is recommended not to take sedatives like tranquilizers and sleeping pills before going to sleep as they can relax the airway muscles and make the snoring worse. Try to keep your bedroom air moist by the means of humidifier, since dry air irritates the membranes of throat and nose.

Follow a regular sleep pattern and make it a routine. Olive oil is believed to reduce snoring. All you need to do is take two to three sips of olive oil before going to bed. It will reduce the noise as well as help you stop snoring after some time. You can also try aromalites, it is basically a method which implements the natural properties of herbs to cure snoring. You can use lavender which is known to enhance sleep and marjoram which is known to help in breathing easily. Just leave these herb jars open while you sleep and let them do their job. These were some of the natural and effective home remedies for snoring which can be tried at home easily.

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