Most women share one common skin problem at specific moments of their lives, and that is the emergence of seemingly dermal lesions or popularly known as stretch marks. While most acquire the scars as a result of pregnancy or weight gain, others are just predisposed to it, and some few fortunate ones don’t have it at all. Stretch marks can produce a negative effect on body image and it usually restricts women in terms of the type of clothing they wear. This is the reason why home remedies for stretch marks are popularly used. Not only are they known to be inexpensive, but they have proven to be effective, too.

What Causes Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks appear as reddish streaks across the surface of the body and it turns white over time. The major cause of the emergence of the marks is when the skin over-stretches to accommodate the growth of new connective tissues. This is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and weight gain where the skin expands rapidly to make room for milk in cases of stretch marks on breast or for the accumulation of fat on the lower portion of the body when it comes to stretch marks on legs.

Easy Home Remedies for Stretch Marks
Unfortunately enough, once the marks start to develop, it will scar the person for life, literally. Although there are times that their visibility is less recognizable, they will eventually become prominent again. Good thing that there known effective home remedies for stretch marks that are aptly recommended by satisfied advocates.

Exercise. It is optimal to regularly exercise to help tone down the muscle. Exercise has the capacity to increase skin elasticity and firmness, thus decreasing the expanse of the skin.

Massage. Applying gentle pressure on the stretch mark affected area can stimulate blood circulation, releasing the toxins that make the marks more difficult to erase. Using olive oil or vitamin E oil while maneuvering the skin can not only encourage circulation, but it can hydrate and improve the texture of the skin.

Proper diet. Make certain that your diet is rich in vitamins A, C, and E as they are the promoters of skin growth. Protein rich foods like lean meat, fish, beans, and eggs are also good for the construction of new and healthy connective tissues.

Cocoa butter. This cream has exclusive properties that penetrate deep into the skin and works wonders. Cocoa butter for stretch marks is even proven effective by experts. To enhance the efficacy of cocoa butter, you opt to combine it with elastin cream.

Homemade stretch mark cream. You can also make you own anti stretch mark cream by using simple ingredients like olive oil, Aloe Vera gel, vitamin E and A capsules. You can mix all these ingredients together with the help of a blender and store the concoction in an air-tight container. After solidifying the mixture in the fridge, you can then apply it onto the affected area.

Stretch marks are indeed very unsightly but there are always ways to rid the body off it. The aforementioned home remedies for stretch marks may or may not work for you. If you don’t see any improvement with your stretch marks on legs, breasts, abdomen, and hips, then it might be best to seek professional help. But even with recommended cosmetic surgery treatments, keeping the body well-nourished and active is still the best stretch mark reduction booster there is.

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