One of the most common bacterial infections that affect any part of the urinary tract such as kidney and bladder is UTI. There are several determinants for urinary tract infection such as sexual activity, gender, genetics and other risk factors like diabetes, sickle-cell disease or anatomical abnormalities.

Once a person is infected, too much pain is experienced during urination at most times, thus causing too much discomfort as well. There are several home remedies for UTI that are safe, inexpensive and doable. These natural remedies could swipe out the pain easily and quickly.

The most common sign of urinary tract infection is dysuria, which means experiencing a burning sensation every time a person urinates. Other common signs of UTI include foul-smelling urine and urine that appears cloudy. Once you have these, look for the following home remedies for UTI:

1. Cranberry juice decreases the occurrence of UTI in those with frequent infections. Moreover, it binds to the bacteria directly and then flushes it out from the body in the form of urine.

2. Lemon water is another great solution for immediate UTI relief as this will treat the infection directly. Squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water, hot or cold, and sip away. Similar with cranberry juice, lemon flushes out the infection because it rids impurities in our bodies and eliminates the source of bacteria

3. The baking soda mixture is done by mixing it with some water. Drinking the mixture will convert the baking soda into urine and will pass right through the source of infection. Baking soda also aids in changing the pH level of urine as it regulates the acidity of urine, thus decreases the rate of infection.

4. Drinking hot or cold tea gets rid of the infection and at the same it soothes and calms the body as well. Within a few days, you will notice a big difference.

5. Frequent fruits and vegetables in your diet increases immunity that combats infection before or during the onset. Fruits and vegetables introduce vitamin C and good bacteria called probiotics to the body that would be the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses.

Increasing the level of immune system is the best way to prevent urinary tract infection, yet it could still occur to anybody, thus, knowledge of those home remedies for UTI is necessary for quick and easy relief.

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